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Athmis Thewix
Biographical information


Physical description





Madrid Harbor


5ft 10in


195 Lbs

Hair color


Eye color



Neutral, Rielig Consortium (RCS), Spacer


"It's just the way I was raised."
— Thewix, when asked about his gentlemanly manners. 4ABY


Service History

Sometime before the Battle of Endor, Thewix was transferred from the 88th Squadron to the 121st "Spectre" Squadron. Here, he flew a modified TIE/ln collecting a total of five confirmed (and nearly a dozen unconfirmed) kills before vanishing from the squadron records.

It is suspected that at this time he joined the Alliance Navy in a number of engagements.

Escape and Defection.

Following his transfer to the 121st it became apparent that the young officer was unhappy with his service to the Empire. Between 3ABY and the Battle of Endor, he actively sought out members of the Rebel Alliance and passed information to those that he felt could use it.

Using the Aliases "Hawk" and "Thewix" as none-too-clever cover, he would act as an intelligence asset as long as he could before attempting to fully defect to the Alliance.

Following his escape from detainment by the 42nd Fighter Wing, Athmis began his defection in ernest. Picking up a falsified identification in the name of "Sol Laike", a Stormtrooper Officer he had met during Operation Thunderlance and known to be KIA, he began gathering intelligence for Alliance operations by inserting himself into civillian merchant shipping. Using Laike's identity and his own communications specialties, he would accompany merchant frieghters, picking up on rumoured movements of Imperial Fleet squadrons as well as known static base locations.

This did not last. A chance encounter with an off-duty Stormtrooper on Tatooine, led to his immediate arrest and detainment at an unknown location. For several months, young Thewix was tortured and interrogated before being "Re-educated" and being returned to society.

Somewhere along the way, he became associated with the "Red Sabre" mercenary group who used his talents carefully, and helped him to adjust to life outside of the Imperial forces. Athmis rarely spoke of his time with this group, but when he did it was with a certain amount of fondness.

His intermittant contact with Miss Kasakera Rafier (also associated with the Sabres) is apparently a source of much mixed-emotion. She was or is, a person very close to his heart. A subject he never explained fully to another woman, Tamar' Darkmist.

Though never confirmed, it is suspected that the influences of Ms Raifer and Ms Darkmist led to Thewix joining the Alliance Navy. Later records show a "Specialist Thewix" serving with the 13th Roving Line in an undisclosed capacity.


Like his former commanding officer, Quinllan Yorr, Athmis comes from a long line of Naval and Planetary defence officers. To this end, he tries very hard to be polite and well-spoken at all times. When in discussion with other (and especially senior) officers he often reverts to "Caridia Basic", the mannerisms of many Imperial officers learned at the Carida Navy Academy.

Dispite an allergy to Rodians, Athmis tries to give everyone a chance to prove themselves as honest and decent citizens irrespective of species. He detests rudeness, having been brought up to believe that manners and basic courtesy can prove far more than phsyical prowess.

Thewix does his very best to be prepared, something of a lasting impression from his instructors on Caridia, as a consequence he has been known to have a small medical on him almost perminantly. Rumour has it however, that his primary reason for this is down to a fear of grevious injury and an intense dislike of cybernetics. Following his detainment and re-education however, Imperial files noted that his right forearm had been removed due to "irreparable damage" and replaced with a standard-issue prison-grade cybernetic.

He has also dilligently kept a journal from each and every deployment prior to his defection. He now continues this as an extension of his Conquest tour, though with significantly more breaks.


Hiatus. "Death" and beyond.

IRL Date 26 February 2010, approximate IC year 2.5 ABY, Athmis was shot and killed by a small group of ISB Stormtroopers while visiting Aventine Spaceport on Lok. The scene was closely witnessed and to all intents and purposes, Athmis Thewix ceased to be.

The ISB closed its file and the Rebel Alliance declared him Missing In Action and presumed dead.

Some eighteen months later, he reappeared on Dantooine in the uniform of an Imperial Navy officer using the name "Lance Starwalker". Apparently unaware of his previous history.

Under duress from the droid AR-4 and in an area of concentrated force users, "Starwalker" collapsed into a fuge state. After continued pressure, the shell personality of Starwalker gave way to Thewix' true persona.

Imperial Identification Card

++ Data Upload ++

Imperial Records Management, Coruscant

The following Imperial record has been transmitted to you via IORSS relay 4421-S-1125-R: WARNING: Misuse of this communication is a violation of Imperial Law, Directive 3073-833-N, Subsection 220, Paragraph 6, Article (a) through (e) of Regulation 442, and subject to immediate imprisonment.





Identification No.: ISD "Conquest" C3

COMNET: No Alerts.

Visitors Passport No: N/A

Registration Verification: N/A

Personal Weapon Permit: C3

Vehicle Powered Flight Permit: 079585D/CARID

BoSS File: N/A

Visa No: N/A

Pilot License No: N/A

Home of Records (HOR): Imperial Center

Imperial Security Authorization: 2

Recognition: D-1-3-J-U-V-T-6

Government/Military Affiliation: Y ONYX

Government/Diplomatic Authentication: N

Law Enforcement Authentication: N

Bounty Hunter Authentication: N

Slaver License/Authentication: NONE

Identification No.: 0000 0000 00

Government/Diplomatic Authentication: N

Law Enforcement Authentication: N

Bounty Hunter Authentication: N

Slaver License/Authentication: NONE


Species: HUM

Age: 28


Ht: 5ft 10in

Wt: 195 Lbs

Markings: NONE


Planet or System of Birth: Bespin

DoB: <20 BBY>

Home System Com#: <Attached>

BioSignature: <Attached>

DNA Scan: <Attached>

Retina Scan: <Attached>


Immediate Family:

Father: Thewix, Narovis.

Mother: Thewix nee’ Afech, Jysella.

Sibling(s): Thewix, Aarin (M). Thewix, Neri (F). Thewix, Derin (M).

Legal Guardian: N/A



Position: Lieutenant

Employer: Imperial Navy, Starfighter Corps.

Location: UNK.


Imperial Intelligence Dossier [ CLASSIFIED ]


II File# 0301 1000 6845 0605

ISB File# 0401-2463

IOCI Case# N/A

MEPD Case# N/A

CorSec Case# N/A



  • No Entries.



  • No Entries

Behind the scenes

Notes from the player:

To start with, he wasn't even a RP character, just an avatar to serve as my pilot on Starsider.

From a number of interactions and a little thought between sorties, I scratched together a core background (military family, Imperial loyalist, junior officer) and a surface personality that I could present in an RP environment (Polite, well spoken, tolerant if a little naive and oblivious to any sexual interest).

From here, he started to develop as an independant character. When in uniform and in the presence of senior officers, he played the part of eager-to-learn, eager-to-please sublieutenant. He would ask questions and toe the line as best he could, learning as much about the other imperials around him as he could (and also giving other players a chance to talk about their own characters ICly, which is a great way to keep a conversation going).

Off duty, he was still frequently in uniform and would catch a lot of hostility for simply being "a dirty imp". He was at the receiving end of a beating all too often, but still tried to see the best in people; reasoning that civilians couldn't see "the bigger picture" or lacked the "Proper schooling of a well-rounded Old Republic family".

Somewhere along the line, he developed an allergy to Rodians, remaining blissfully unaware of the cause for a good few years.

As the weekly space event campaigns waxed and waned, Ath' got involved with more things on the ground, frequently gravitating back to Tatooine and hating the "dust-bowl of a planet" more and more. I attempted writing his journal, got involved with Ramona Garcia 's IMC Convoy and began to add to "Somewhere in the Void" as in-game experiences gave me chance to ask more questions about who this character really was and why he did the things he did.

For most of his Imperial service, he tried to keep to a personal code of honor throughout. He developed much more political acumen, became more socially adept and much more suspicious of casual encounters. Eventually converting to the Rebel Alliance's stated mission aim (i.e. To Restore the Republic).

He has been captured by both sides of the GCW, interrogated, beaten, shot and bloodied six ways to sunday, pursued and even reeducated. On the other hand, he has loved (two characters in game, Kasakera Rafier and Tamar' Darkmist. Thank you both for some fantastic RP that helped develop him even further than I had ever hoped, even right at the end), he has pursued several plots for revenge, he has even killed.

He has gone from being a polite, well spoken, tolerant, young officer to an older, slightly bitter, seasoned veteran with a lot of secrets and more about him than I can ever hope to explore or write down. Career-wise, he has gone from officer to commando/soldier to Jedi.

Two things remained a constant; He was a gentleman and a pilot.

At heart, he will always remain the personification of a gentleman soldier.

Two things remained a constant; He was a gentleman and a pilot.

At heart, he will always remain the personification of a gentleman soldier.

During this character's operational history, I tried to keep an accurate journal on SSG. After my hiatus and return from the supposed "death" of the character, I moved his journal to SSRPA.


RP Preferences

   * Play Along With Issued Bounty On You: Yes
   * Play Along With Issued Bounty On Me: Yes
   * Play Along With RP Trial Of You: Yes
   * RP Capture: Yes
   * RP Capture Maximum Time: One Week (Longer if necessary, case by case)
   * Assumed RP Torture (fade to black scenario): Yes
   * RPed Out Torture: Possible. 
   * Limb Loss/Injury: Possible. 
   * Permadeath: Yes
   * Preferred Combat Method: PvP (Ground or Space), /Emote Duel if you really, really, really must. 

Want to know more? Comments, questions, advice? Contact me: Athmis

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