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Bain Drago
Biographical information


Date of Birth

appx. 35 BBY


Mid 30's

Date of Death


Physical description





Forgotten Cove, Lok

Marital Status



6' 5"


210 lbs.

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



Galactic Empire

Player Association

(Formerly) Black Star Legion/Alliance, Delta Squad, 121st Fighter Wing.

Primary Profession

Imperial Pilot Ace and War Hero

Secondary Profession

Former Fleet Commander, Dantooine Task Force Hellfire (PvP), Former Imperial Intelligence Agent

Tertiary Profession

Covert/Rogue Imperial Agent (unconfirmed)


"I am a simple man with simple goals. I only want what every simple man wants... to rule the galaxy."
— Bain Drago.

Bain Drago was a famed and distinguished officer in the Galactic Imperial Navy. He is best known for his piloting skills and many victories, both individually and as Fleet Commander of the Unified Imperial Space Forces, most notably during Operation Convergence in the Starsider galaxy. He also served as the commanding officer of the 121st Fighter Wing and Delta Squadron. His current status is listed as "Missing In Action", and he is assumed dead.


Personality Profile

Bain is perhaps best described as xenophobic, a sociopath, and a narcissist. Throughout his career with the Empire, he has shown outright disdain for many alien species and rarely hesitates to make his opinions known. Despite his disregard for other species, he is fluent in an impressive number of alien languages.

He is fiercely loyal to the Empire, and to Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine most of all. His die-hard loyalty often acts as a motivator for some of his combat tactics, which are considered by some to be overly-aggressive, brutal, and sometimes reckless. He truly believes that, "the end justifies the means." This behavior has caused him to be reprimanded from time to time by his superiors, but it also gained him favor personally with Vader and the Emperor.

Fleet Admiral Bain Drago
Fleet Admiral Bain Drago
During the height of his piloting career, Bain had gained considerable notoriety for his role in Operation Convergence. As a fighter pilot, he had developed a rather large ego, and his success and fame fueled it even further. He viewed himself as having celebrity status, as well as being superior to every other pilot. His egoism was often viewed instead as arrogance.

He is also very ambitious. Often cold, calculating, and manipulative, he has been known to backstab his own close friends and confidants without remorse in order to further his own goals.

Official Biography

Early Years

Birth and Childhood

Many details about Bain's early life are unknown. It is believed he was a spacer, born aboard a space freighter shipping goods across the galaxy. His father was the ship's captain, Vlad Drago, a force sensitive who left the Jedi Order to pursue a simpler life. Little is known about his mother. It is suspected that she died either in childbirth or shortly thereafter. Bain also has a half-brother, Ioman Drago, although the two were never very close. Bain always held some resentment towards his half-brother, and never fully accepted him as family.

The Clone Wars

Bain was a young teen at the onset of the Clone Wars. After suffering heavy casualties in their ranks, the Jedi called upon many force sensitives and jedi who had left the order amicably to return and help fight the Separatists. Bain's father answered the call and left him with his half-brother and step-mother, neither of whom Bain cared for much. Feeling abandoned by his father and angry, Bain ran away from his kin and spent the next few years running with local street gangs in some of the more seedy parts of the galaxy, such as Naar Shadaa and Mos Eisley.

When Bain learned the news that his father had been killed in action, he was devastated. The anger and resentment he had felt towards his father was instead directed towards the Jedi Order. He blamed them for everything: taking his father away from him, leaving him to fend for himself, and his father's death. He vowed to get revenge on the Jedi somehow.

Imperial Service

Galactic Empire Enlisted Service

Bain as a Stormtrooper
Bain as a Stormtrooper
Now in his late teens, Bain felt a lack of direction in his life. He still harbored his hatred for the Jedi, but felt frustrated that he did not have practical means to pursue his vengeance. When the Galactic Empire came to power, Bain was impressed by their efforts to eliminate the Jedi. Only sixteen at the time, Bain lied about his age and enlisted. He felt the best way to get back at the Jedi was to fight for the Empire.

Bain received basic combat training on Coruscant and was placed in a standard Stormtrooper unit to replace the now-aging clone units which were being phased out of service. However, Bain did not remain a stormtrooper for very long. He excelled beyond his other troopers in many areas, including his combat abilities and mental prowess. A high-ranking officer took note of his performance and had him pulled from service. Bain was selected to be one of the first to attend the newly-formed Imperial Academy on Coruscant as an officer candidate.


Kashyyyk Campaign

"I find the smell of those dogs, the Wookiees, to be... nauseating. That one there... get rid of it."
— Bain Drago.

During his brief time as a stormtrooper, Bain spent most of his time on the Wookiee home world planet, Kashyyyk, where he participated in an Imperial campaign to subdue and enslave the Wookiee race, presumably to use them as cheap labor on the new Death Star construction project. It was during this time that Bain began to develop his xenophobic hatred for Wookiees and other alien species. In future encounters with members of the Wookiee race, Bain found it hard to refrain from making derogatory and condescending remarks, usually only referring to Wookiees as large "dogs".

Imperial Intelligence Service

Bain meets Darth Vader
Bain meets Darth Vader
Over the following four years at the Academy, Bain received the finest education the galaxy had to offer. He excelled to the top of his class, and was hand-picked to enter the Imperial Intelligence service after receiving his commission. It was here that he was trained in many forms of combat, gaining mastery in the use of rifles, carbines, pistols, melee weapons, and hand-to-hand combat arts such as Teras Kasi. He was also taught many other useful skills, such as subterfuge, sabotage, and interrogation techniques. His aggressiveness and sociopathic qualities made him an expert at the latter.

Bain was sent all over the galaxy on many covert and classified missions for the Empire. One of his most notable assignments took place in the cities of Farpoint and Mos Eisley, where he was tasked with routing out and interrogating rebel sympathizers. It is believed that several missions involved Bain reporting directly to Darth Vader. The nature of said missions are highly unknown, since they were classified to the highest level.

After the destruction of the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin, Bain felt a desire to step up his personal fight against the rebels. He had lost several personal friends who were stationed aboard the Death Star, and he wanted a more satisfying form of vengance that being a covert operative could not satisfy.

Bain's TIE flight gear
Bain's TIE flight gear

Black Star Legion

Bain requested and was granted transfer to the elite unit, Black Star Legion, under the command of Admiral Vall Ion. It was under this unit that he attended flight school under Storm Squadron. Having previous flying experience from his teenage years, Bain excelled throughout his training. It was not long before he earned his wings and was engaged in full-fledged combat operations. Shortly thereafter, he was granted the title of Imperial Ace Pilot.

The Relic Wars

Before attaining the rank of Imperial Ace Pilot, Bain began fighting with Special Ops forces based out of the Dantooine system. The unit had found a large cache of Old-Republic era fighter craft, most notably a large number of ETA-2 Actis Interceptors, also known as the "Jedi Starfighter", or JSF. These ships were superior in many respects to the TIE-fighters the unit had been using. Imperial forces began using them against the Rebellion. Unforunately, however, the Rebels had managed to uncover another large supply of ARC-170 fighters. They also stole a number of JSF's from the Empire. The many battles that ensued saw both sides using Old-Republic craft as a majority of their fighter fleets. These battles continued for many months until the majority of the Rebels' craft were destroyed, and the Emperor banned the use of Old-Republic craft in regular Imperial combat units. This series of conflicts would later be referred to as the Relic Wars by the veteran pilots who survived the conflict.

Bain's RGI, Delta One
Bain's RGI, Delta One
Despite being a relatively inexperienced pilot at the time, Bain fought in and survived the length of the Relic Wars. Afterwards, while then serving in the 121st Fighter Wing, a unit under the Black Star Legion banner, Bain honed his skills fighting against the top Ace pilots of the Rebellion. His quick reflexes and will to win kept him alive despite having inferior, standard-issue equipment while most of his opponents were flying fine-tuned, high-technology machinery. For his bravery and service, he was issued the Royal Guard TIE Interceptor, or RGI for short. He would spend the next one and a half years meticulously and obsessively fine-tuning his fighter to be the finest in the fleet.

During this time, Bain was also given command of a VT-49 Decimator-class ship, the ISS Immolator. While the ship did not exactly fit his usual flying style, he was asked to command the ship during several crucial battles for the Empire, and did so with distinction.

Operation Convergence

Planet Lok, Karthakk System
Planet Lok, Karthakk System
Perhaps the most critical moment in Bain's career came at the onset of Operation Convergence. The opening battle of the Operation took place in the Karthakk system, above the tiny planet of Lok. The Empire assembled a massive fleet under Task Force Hellfire, led by Colonel Norram. Imperial forces were to lead a massive assault against the Rebel fleet in the system. The combined forces would total almost two-hundred ships, one of the largest space battles of the Galactic Civil War.

Over the course of many battles together, Bain and Norram had become good friends. Catching him somewhat off guard, Norram asked Bain to lead the first wave of the assault.

The battle plan had the Imperial forces split into multiple waves, organized by respective squadrons. Bain was asked to lead a group of all the individual fighters. In other words, the leftovers. He was asked to take that group of ten fighters on a frontal assault on the entire Rebel fleet of approximately 75 ships and hold them off until the next wave of Oppressor missile boats could arrive. Although no one said it, it was assumed that the initial wave would sustain considerable losses. Bain began to question his relationship with his old friend Norram. He had been assigned a suicide mission, and he knew it. However, Bain was determined to prove everyone's assumptions wrong.

Since this was his first space command, Bain elected to lead the assault from the ISS Immolator rather than his RGI so that he could more effectively coordinate his fighters. This proved to be a wise choice. His squad not only managed to survive without any casualties, but they inflicted considerable damage on the enemy forces, which ultimately resulted in a crushing defeat of the Rebels.

The people of the Empire celebrated the victory with a joy that had not been seen in years. Bain and the other wing commanders, as well as the notable pilots, Pace Nebulon, Norram, and Resha Skyslider, were touted as war heroes and became household names overnight. Bain would use his newfound celebrity status as a springboard for his own ambitious goals.

Fleet Admiral Bain Drago aboard an Imperial Command ship
Fleet Admiral Bain Drago aboard an Imperial Command ship

Rise to Power

"Take no prisoners. Leave nothing alive."
— Bain Drago.

The victory at Lok ushered in a new era of success for Imperial space forces. Where they had previously suffered numerous setbacks in previous engagements, the Empire began to win victory after victory in space. Rebel forces, while still numerous, became disorganized and demoralized. The Empire gained strength through every victory. Bain experienced a meteoric rise to fame and fortune during this time. He made great advances in upgrading his RGI, which made him an even more lethal and effective weapon on the battlefield. He also took on more command responsibility under Norram, until he was actually asked to lead several battles himself. Norram eventually took a leave of absensce, and Bain became the de facto Fleet Commander.

Bain led the Empire through an impressive string of victories. In fact, Bain never lost a battle under his command. His battlefield tactics utterly crushed the Rebel's numerous, yet disorganized forces. And his personal skill with his RGI was better than ever.

After several months, Norram returned to fight with the Imperial forces. Although Bain was clearly the de facto Commander at this point, he had not yet been officially elected as such. Bain knew that his old friend Norram was just as ambitious as himself. He knew that Norram would try to work his way back to the top. Bain saw this as an opportunity to both solidify his own position of power and also eliminate a rival.

There was a great deal of debating amongst the squadron commanders of the Imperial space forces. Norram had returned and begun to make proposals for changes and calls for more organization. His proposals were met with stiff resistance. Norram found that he was not trusted by everyone. Some rumors had been spread that he had dealings with the Rebel Alliance during his hiatus. The debates became so heated that they threatened to splinter the Imperial forces into two factions.

Unbeknownst to Norram and the others, Bain had been playing both sides against eachother behind the scenes. Playing the secret puppetmaster, he had been pulling all the strings on both sides to escalate the situation. He carefully orchestrated events and managed to call a meeting of all the squadron leaders to finally settle the debate. It was here that he finally stabbed his old friend in the back. He convinced them all to vote on a compromise crafted by himself, which included naming him as the sole Fleet Commander of the unified forces. He managed to place most of the blame on his rival, painting him as an ambitious troublemaker trying to seize power, while Bain himself was the humble savior. His master plan had worked flawlessly.

Since it was now official, Bain was given a battlefield promotion to the rank of Fleet Admiral, and officially given the title of Fleet Commander, Task Force Hellfire, which he eventually renamed the Unified Imperial Space Forces.

Lost in Space

"I'm not in the business of getting shot down."
— Bain Drago.

Almost as quickly as his meteoric rise to fame and power, Bain disappeared. A few months after securing his position, he was suddenly nowhere to be found. Imperial propagandists put out a press release that claims an eye-witness saw Bain engaged alone against overwhelming numbers of Rebels in Deep Space. His official status is listed as Missing in Action, Assumed Dead. There are many who secretly believe that this was in fact some sort of cover for a new, covert, clandestine assignment, perhaps from Darth Vader or the Emperor himself. These are merely rumors, however. Bain has not been seen in approximately two years since his disappearance.

The ISS Immolator, Bain's RGI, and his father's Eta-2 Actis Jedi Starfighter, which Bain had recovered several years prior, are all unaccounted for.

Current Status

Unconfirmed Sightings

Almost two years after his disappearance, there have been unconfirmed reports of sightings of Bain Drago. Multiple reports have placed Bain in several outer-rim territories including Lok, Ord Mandel, Dantooine, and Kashyyyk. The reports remain unconfirmed. Imperial authorities say, "The reports are inconclusive at best," and they have thus far not considered them worthy of further investigation. Each report refers to a tall, muscular human with orange/yellow eyes, usually in a dark hooded cloak.

The Malachor V Mystery

The Malachor V, a rogue Imperial gunship
The Malachor V, a rogue Imperial gunship
To further compound the mystery, there have been reported sightings of a rogue Imperial YE-4 Gunship, the Malachor V, which coincide with the unconfirmed sightings of Bain Drago. The ship has been seen in the same sectors, at the same times, as the Bain Drago sightings. The ship was recently stolen from an Imperial Shipyard in the Outer-Rim by an unknown assailant. The high-tech tracking system installed onboard was disabled, which authorities say, "...could only have been done by someone intimately familiar with Imperial starship technology."

Just as they have ignored all reported sightings of Bain Drago, the Empire has also not pursued any leads in tracking down the Malachor V. This has led to several theories regarding the fate of Bain. The most common theories suggest that Bain is in fact alive and operating aboard the rogue Malachor V for an unknown purpose. His personal history suggests the possibility that he is operating covertly as a Non-Official Cover agent, or NOC, for the Empire. Authorities have of course denied this, but also have said the likelyhood of Bain working for the Rebel Alliance would be, "impossible." A third possibility is that Bain is operating completely independent for some more personal, possibly sinister purpose.

A Secret, Double Life

OOC Disclaimer: The following information is provided in an Out-Of-Character fashion. There is no official record of the following information and therefore would not be known to most characters in game.

Bain uses a Red Lightsaber, normally used by Dark Jedi and Sith
Bain uses a Red Lightsaber, normally used by Dark Jedi and Sith

Learning the Force

"The ability to swing a lightsaber and use the force does not make you a Jedi, nor a Sith."
— Bain Drago.

Unbeknownst to few except those closest to him, Bain Drago has been leading a double-life for years. During a mission while working for Imperial Intelligence, Bain came into contact with the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Vader was able to detect Bain's force sensitivity. This would normally have resulted in his execution, but Vader was able to sense the anger and conflict within him. Vader believed that, as a dark jedi, Bain would be a powerful asset. Through a series of secret encounters, Vader learned of Bain's personal vendetta against the Jedi, and he convinced Bain to begin studying the dark side of the Force.

Bain began an in-depth study into the history of both the Jedi and the Sith. He studied not only many aspects of their history, but also their respective philosophies. Meanwhile, Darth Vader continued to send Bain on top secret missions to test his strength in the force. Bain became one of Vader's top enforcer agents, often using aggressive and brutal tactics to accomplish his goals.

While Vader had planned to keep him as a subservient agent, Bain's ambition grew along with his strength in the dark side. He was able to get himself transferred to a regular Naval unit as a TIE Fighter pilot in order to maintain a public image. This image was to detract any suspicious eyes from his secret life as a dark jedi. Bain kept his dark side alter-ego a secret from everyone around him, with a few exceptions.

As a dark jedi, Bain carefully orchestrated the bloodless coup that placed him at the head of nearly all of the Empire's elite space forces. As he grew in power, he found it harder to keep his darker personality traits separate from his public self. Both as a commander and as an individual pilot, his tactics became increasingly bloodthirsty and psychopathic as he led his fleet to crush the Rebel forces at every turn. Often, the last thing he would tell his pilots was, "Take no prisoners. Leave nothing alive."

Friends and Enemies

Bain Drago on secret assignment for the Empire
Bain Drago on secret assignment for the Empire
Bain had several apprentices over time, however, he never proved to be a proficient teacher. Being a self-serving loner, Bain rarely taught his apprentices directly. Instead, he treated them more like lackeys and servants, sending them on missions to do his bidding as spies and saboteurs. He figured that they would learn the ways of the dark side through experience and self-teaching, much as he did.

Bain cared little for his apprentices, with the exception of one, a female, whom he became romantically involved with. She was the only apprentice with whom he would share the majority of his plans. She also played instrumental roles in his coup of the Imperial space forces, as well as his feud against rival dark jedi Curgon. Her true identity and fate are unknown.

As a testament to his psychopathic nature, Bain would often send one of his apprentices on multiple suicide missions. He had no feelings for the young man, and found amusement in sending him on excessively dangerous, and often unimportant, tasks. Eventually, the apprentice was killed, to which Bain felt nothing but the relief of what he saw as a burden off his chest.

Bain had few enemies that remained alive very long. There was one, however, that proved to be a thorn in his side. While interrogating Coreena Telios, a rebel sympathizer whom he had tracked down, Bain was interrupted by a dark jedi named Curgon and his apprentice. The two dark jedi overwhelmed him and allowed the prisoner to escape.

Curgon was a self-proclaimed Sith Lord, something often laughed at by Bain, who saw little in common between Curgon and true Sith philosophy. The two feuded for some time, engaging in several lightsaber duels across the galaxy. The two had very different styles from eachother. Curgon was very aggressive, which caused him to be reckless. He made no secret of his force powers and would use them openly. Bain, however, had his public persona cover to worry about, and was much more secretive about his powers. He used a number of his apprentices and lackeys to spy on Curgon and attack him with methods such as sabotage and subterfuge. Apparently, Bain's methods worked in the end. By the time that Bain committed his coup with the space fleet, Curgon and his following had vanished from the galaxy.

Faking His Own Death

Bain slaughters the inhabitants of the Shadowed Lands on Kashyyyk
Bain slaughters the inhabitants of the Shadowed Lands on Kashyyyk
Despite being incredibly successful at the head of the fleet, Bain felt a burning need to amass more power. He realized the only way to do this was to dive even further into Sith knowledge of the Dark Side. It would require a journey that he could not accomplish under the watchful eye of the Empire and the Sith Lords. Therefore, he decided to stage his own death (see above). He staged an event that had witnesses appear to see him engage an overwhelming force of Rebels in Deep Space. Upon returning from an intense battle, the fighter group Bain was leading had sustained several losses and was limping back to base. Unbeknownst to all, Bain had paid a group of mercenaries to ambush his fighter group while flying stolen rebel ships. Bain engaged the mercenaries, apparently as a diversion, and ordered the rest of his group to retreat. The Imperials naturally assumed he sacrificed himself.

After he murdered the mercenaries in order to avoid any possible witnesses, Bain secretly returned to his hidden retreat on Dantooine to stay out of the public eye and prepare for his upcoming journey.

Bain Drago searches the volcano planet Mustafar.
Bain Drago searches the volcano planet Mustafar.

Exploring the Unknown Regions

Bain knew he could not take anyone with him on his journey, especially anyone he cared about, because the nature of his journey would mean the likelihood of their deaths. However, he also could not allow anyone to know where he was going, or even if he was alive. If any of his friends or loved ones knew about what he was doing or where he was, they risked being tortured by the Empire for information. Therefore, Bain told no one of his plans, including his faked death.

He headed to planets such as Mustafar and Korriban, searching for information and knowledge of the ancient Sith. It was here he discovered information that made him realize his journey would take him farther from home than he had imagined. Inspired by the story of Darth Revan, Bain took his ship, the ISS Immolator, and headed out beyond the Outer-Rim to the Unknown Regions of space in search of information on the true nature of the ancient Sith and the fate of Revan. Bain was gone for nearly two years before reemerging recently in the Outer-Rim.

Bain returns to the planet Lok
Bain returns to the planet Lok

The Shadow Guard

Eventually, Bain revealed himself once again to the Empire. The Emperor, impressed with both his history of loyalty and service to the Empire as well as his strength in the Dark Side, recruited him into the Shadow Guard - a secret, covert division of the Imperial Royal Guard. Given the honorary title of Sovereign Protector, Bain was tasked with performing many critical, covert assignments for the Emperor himself. Among these assignments includes hunting down and capturing (or killing) some of his former rivals, including the Rebel Generals Leaph Chausew and Halyn Lance. For joining the Shadow Guard ranks, he was also granted a pardon from the Emperor for all his past transgressions, including his AWOL status.

Because he is also sometimes required to hunt and eliminate dissenters and traitors within the Empire's own ranks, his status as a covert operative is not revealed to anyone except the highest levels of command. When operating amongst other Imperials, Bain's official cover is still that he is a famous Naval commander and fighter pilot.

One of the Emperor's Shadow Guardsmen
One of the Emperor's Shadow Guardsmen

Fellow Royal Guardsmen and his Shadow Guard handlers rarely refer to Bain by name. Instead, he was given the code-name Agent Sixty-Five. When using his Decimator as an insertion and stealth craft for covert missions, he also uses the code-name Starkiller for the ship instead of it's original name, the ISS Immolator.

Bain, like other Shadow Guard operatives, was given great legal, moral, and ethical leeway in order to perform his duty. Bain essentially had an ongoing pardon for all crimes except for treason against the Empire. Theft, murder, torture, etc, were all allowed if deemed to be necessary to completing an objective. However, because of the secrecy and covert status of operatives like Bain, these crimes would often result in the operative getting into trouble and entanglements with law enforcement and lower-ranking Imperials. These incidents were often later covered-up by high ranking officials and propagandists within the Empire.

One example of such tactics was when Bain essentially stole the prototype Advanced YE-4 Assault Gunship, the Malachor V. Although Bain received much grief from his superiors for committing such a high-profile crime, the theft of the ship has been very well contained by Imperial propagandists. The ship now serves as Bain's mobile command post, and he uses it's advanced sensor and tracking equipment to complete his covert missions.

Another example of said tactics was when Bain recently ordered an entire fighter task force under his command to fire upon and destroy a defenseless space station in Deep Space. His reasoning was that there was a strong possibility that certain Rebel leaders might be onboard, and other Rebel sympathizers were harboring them. Although some known Rebels were killed, the destruction of the station resulted in the deaths of over a thousand civilians.

Personal Starships

Known Associates

  • Pace Nebulon, long-time friend and wingman. The two have served in many of the same units, including the 121st Fighter Wing, Black Star Legion, and Delta Squadron.
    Resha Skyslider
    Resha Skyslider
  • Resha Skyslider, a fellow fighter pilot who served with Bain in several campaigns dating back to the Relic Wars Although she is not as vocal, the two share many things in common, such as their machiavellian tactics and ruthless approach to space combat.
  • Colonel Norram, an old friend and later rival. Original CO of Task Force Hellfire, which was taken over by Bain after Norram defected to the Rebellion. Status: Missing, assumed dead.
  • Ramona Garcia, a popular entertainer and information broker from Tatooine. They first met in Farpoint, and have kept in touch over the years.
  • Admiral Vall Ion, Bain's former commanding officer from Black Star Legion and old friend. Status: Retired.
  • Am'ber Starstrider, Bain's personal starship mechanic and girlfriend. The two have worked as a pair since after Operation Convergence.
    Am'ber Starstrider
    Am'ber Starstrider
  • Sadena, a former dark side apprentice, with whom Bain was romantically linked for a brief time. Status: Missing, assumed dead.
  • Haidee, a twi'lek medic, with whom Bain was also romantically linked, despite his usual feelings towards alien races. Status: Missing, assumed dead.
  • Capt. Wezz Jansson, current C.O. of the Imperial Fleet Task Force based on Talus.
  • Quinllan Yorr, captain of the ISS Onyx Mauler.


  • Leaph Chausew, an infamous Rebel fighter pilot and high ranking officer. While the two have never met face-to-face, Bain has been hunting Leaph in space for years. Leaph's super-maneuverable A-wing, and Bain's desire to shoot it down, greatly influenced the initial loadouts of Bain's RGI. Status: At large.
    Leaph Chausew, terrorist
    Leaph Chausew, terrorist
  • General Halyn Lance, the commander of the Rebel fleet while Bain was leading the Imperial fleet. Like Leaph, Bain has been hunting General Lance for some time, and relishes any chance to destroy him. The two once met face-to-face several years ago for a secret meeting during Operation Convergence, but Bain was forced by circumstance to let Halyn live at the time. Status: At large.
  • Curgon, a former Imperial and self-proclaimed Sith Lord who stuck his nose in Bain's business, and ultimately paid the price. Status: Missing, assumed dead.


Video footage of Bain Drago in action:

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