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Coruscant is the center point of the Galactic Empire, and at one point the Galactic Republic. Its served as the location of the Senate as well as many major corporations in the past. The entire planet is one giant city. Complex systems keep it running and operating, ensuring that theres air to breath and water to drink. More Notable landmarks would be The Decrepit Jedi Temple, The Former Galactic Senate building, as well as many others too numerous to name. The Planet is made up of several zones, some not ever seeing the light of day. Similar to Taris thousands of years ago. The planet has the upper level, where the rich live and populate. The lower you go however the darker and more sinister things become, dark dealings, crime lords, Gangs warring for territory, spice sellers, bounty hunters, assassins. If you know where to look, you could find anything, Its just a matter of how hard it is to find it. Unlike the lesser world of Nar Shaddaa (Glorious Jewel in Huttese) where it's relatively easy to find darker dealings and the like. Coruscant is only majorly dangerous on the lower levels, while Nar Shaddaa is dangerous everywhere.

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