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Cyrinity Lee
Biographical information

Craci, Corporate Sector

Physical description







Bestine, Tatooine

Marital Status



165 cm


50 kg

Hair color


Eye color




Primary Profession

Freelance Pilot

Secondary Profession

Scout/Covert Ops

Tertiary Profession



As long as I have a contract...

Cyrinity Lee is a freelance pilot and entrepreneur, working on earning a fortune of her own in the Outer Rim. She is usually to be found either on Tatooine or on the Nova Orion Station in Ord Mantell. Apart from working as a pilot she also works as an business woman with interests in mining and a freelance scout/covert operative.



Cyrinity Lee was born in the Craci System in the Corporate Sector. Her parents were corporate citizens, though in the lower tiers – above the “rabble”, as her father, a member of the Espos, the Security Police, called the laborers unable to purchase citizenship, but by no means rich.

Cyrinity was supposed to rise in the corporate structure, and her parents pushed her hard to excell in her studies so she would be able to get a good job and work her way up. As it turned out she was recruited by the industrial espionage division of a local corporation, and entered their training program. For a few years she was drilled in various espionage and infiltration techniques.

The girl had barely started to work when the corp suffered a hostile take over. Deemed a security risk – Cyrinity had been spying on the corp that took over – she managed to escape before she was arrested. She spent what money she had acquired on a cheap old surplus ARC-170 and fled from the Corporate Sector to another sector in the Outer Rim.

After arriving on Tatooine she started looking for work. One of her first jobs for Ramona sent her to Lok, to New Dosha, to scout the place and determine whether or not the Brotherhood of Trandoshans really was gone.

She took a similar scouting job to the location where Black Sands had been, to check upon rumors of an eerie structure having been erected there – which turned out to be true. The money from that job she used to upgrade to better weapons through Poe’kunal. She also was on a scouting mission on Lok, but without much success.

When news of a starport being built west of Mos Carova appeared she was hired by Poe'kunal to scout out the place and spent some time there observing “West Carova”, especially the imperial compound south of it.

She also was hired at the Nova Orion Station by the station administrator Iskar Kreed for a scouting and information gathering job concerning pirates. She did scout out two staging areas of the pirate scouts, and later found a station possibly used by the pirates as well as shot pictures of two pirate cruisers and their escorts.

Another recon mission did not go that well. While scouting for and escorting the YT-1300 “Exodus” of Wint Risden Cyrinity’s own ship was damaged by pirates and required extensive repairs, which left her stuck on the station for a few days, hurting her other business interests.

The “Cloak and Dagger” suffered more damages in a strike at the pirate base Cyrinity had discovered earlier. While the woman performed recon and escort tasks the “Exodus” delivered explosive charges to the base. The explosion damaged the station beyond repair, but none of the attackers escaped unscathed and one imperial escort, Onyx-12, was shot down and killed.

Following repairs Cyrinity had a few other fights with those pirates. When it was discovered that the pirates were using the damaged station’s emergency distress beacon to lure ships into ambushes Cyrinity took part in the attack on the station – again led by Wint Risden in his “Exodus” - that destroyed it and a pirate “Warlord”-class cruiser completely, though her ship suffered more damage as well.

A mission for the Intergalactic Mining Company escorting one of their convoys caused further damage to Cyrinity's ship, which meant another stay on the Nova Orion Station for the duration of the repairs.

Personality and Appearance

Species: Human
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Build: Slender
Skin-tone: Ivory
Identifying Markings:

Medical Evaluation

Physical Evaluation

Cyrinity has a slender but toned body and is slightly smaller than average for a human. She changes her hairstyle to suit her needs, but has started to prefer a shoulder length, straight style with glass pearls woven into it. She is not particularly strong.

Cyrinity dresses according to what she deems appropriate for the situation or mission at hand, usually trying to blend in with whatever crowd there is. When not working she often dresses in a thick jacket that hides her weapons, a tank top or shirt, camo pants, and reinforced gloves and boots.

Psychological Evaluation

Cyrinity has been trained to adapt to and fit into a variety of surroundings, but with a focus on a tactial respectively mission-level – she is using her own judgment how best to accomplish a mission or job, but is not used to decide what missions to take. She is generally patient, bidding her time, but also has jumped the gun in a few cases and acted recklessly, likely due to her inexperience. Unless a mission requires her to be more outgoing she is usually reserved and quiet at social occasions, listening more than talking.

Due to her upbringing she considers money very important – it determines a sentient’s worth, in her opinion. Therefore she is quite mercenary, though not to the point of breaking her word – unless it was given as part of an infiltration mission. She is not particularly speciest, but not used to many aliens.

She doesn’t feel a particular loyality towards either the Alliance to Restore the Republic or the Galactic Empire – whoever pays her more will have her support.

Cyrinity collects various weapons, allegedly to have a variety of weapons available for missions, both to have more options as well as to throw off investigations, but secretly she also likes collecting weapons, and justifies the expenses to herself with her reasoning.

Abilities and Talents

Cyrinity received a good education and extensive training in stealth and infiltration as well as various combat techniques, but is still quite inexperienced. She was also trained with slightly outdated gear in the Corporate Sector and has taken some time to adapt to the cutting edge technology used by the more experienced mercenaries and spies – as a result she is not that proficient when it comes to computers and slicing. She took a few slicing tools with her when she left the Corporate Sector, but hasn’t been able to keep them up to date so far, so their efficiency has degraded.

Cyrinity is a decent pilot, though not a real ace. Enough to not just pose, but also work as a freelance pilot.

She was trained in a wide range of weapons, both ranged and melee weapons as well as unarmed combat, and the use of grenades and poison as well, but is no expert and not too experienced in actual combat. True exotic weapons such as lightsabers and heavy weapons she cannot use effectively, or at all.

Cyrinity is, as a result of her upbringing, also saving and investing what money she can spare in various businesses, and her manners of doing business are still showing her corporate roots clearly.


Usually carried on her:
- DH17 Short Carbine (carried in holster below left shoulder)
- Trandoshan Suppressor (Carried in small “pouch” on belt, right hip)
- Vibrodagger (Left Boot)
- Smoke and flashbang grenades (belt pouch, left hip)
- Datapad
- Electrobinoculars
- Personal Shield Generator

Stored inside her ship when not worn:
- Stealth Suit (Padded armor with composite helmet)
- Flight suit with helmet
- E-11 Blaster Rifle
- The Silencer (Pistol)
- Coynite Disruptor Pistol
- R5 Astromech

- Zephyr-G swoop

- ARC-170 “Cloak and Dagger”

OOC Information

If the character is flying as a pirate in an IMC Convoy event then it's acting as an NPC and not done in character.

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