Intergalactic Mining Company

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Intergalactic Mining Company

The Intergalactic Mining Company (IMC) has a branch office in Farpoint Valley, Tatooine, and mines both planetary and asteroid ore.


General information

IMC has its offices in Farpoint Valley, where most of the administration of the Tatooine branch is handled. While it directly employs miners, it outsources delivery of the mined ore, chartering freighters for transporting the ore from Tatooine to other planets such as Corellia or Ord Mantell.

In addition to freighters the company also hires escorts, usually snubfighters. The standard contracts always include insurance for possible damages. While IMC usually hires independent spacers, it also contracts cargo companies such as the Tatooine Trading Corporation on occasion.

Most of IMC’s ore is shipped in a weekly convoy, which has often come under attack by pirates in the past.

Pilots, crew and ship owners interested in taking part in such convoys can contact the IMC branch office in Farpoint Valley, Tatooine, through its manager, Kimisei Bythmi.

OOC Information

Roleplay Functions

IMC is not a PA, not even an actual player organisation. It is an NPC organisation that provides a background for space-related roleplay events. The main event IMC serves is the weekly IMC Convoy Event, taking part mondays, 4.45 PM EST. IMC is also open to serve as roleplay background, such as providing employment for a character or business deals for a player corporation. If you wish to set something like this up, please contact Kimisei Bythmi in character or Ramona oocly.

In Game Business

IMC also sells actual ore in game, although currently limited to asteroid ore and grinding quality ore. People interested in purchasing or ordering such (in character or out of character) can contact the manager, Kimisei Bythmi, to set up an IC meeting or an ooc sale.

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