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Organizational information



Saioka Bitterkiss, Cal'Mihe Arrite




Murkhaven, Lok

Primary role(s)

Pirates, Mercenaries, Spies, Traders

Political information

IC 45 BBY, OOC 1997




Jademoon is an aging criminal organization made up of pirates, mercenaries, assassins, rogues, scoundrels, smugglers, and, naturally, the honest traders and entertainers who serve as the legitimate front for all that mayhem. The group is recovering from tragedy and ruination, having lost both its swamp city on Naboo to Imperial encroachment, and its namesake Jade moon in a fiery massacre perpetrated by the Black Sun. They have fled to a new base on Lok which they've named Murkhaven. Ever resilient, they try to rebuild in spite of local troubles.



Greenmurk, Naboo
Greenmurk, Naboo

Jademoon began as a small-scale criminal organization called the Tanotalos Pirates, in 45 BBY, founded by Goff Tanotalos. He was the eldest son of a wealthy merchant family from Elshandruu Pica, and he abused their influence - and later, his inheritance - to build his very own private underworld empire. He hired scoundrels and scum all over the Outer Rim to help him pirate, extort, and smuggle his way to a comfortable position within the galaxy's criminal hierarchy. He even purchased a moon for his Pirate gang, the fifth moon of the third planet of the Qorchi system, known as the Jade Moon. His most trusted advisors included corrupt politicians such as Piratess JadeLancer, ex-military officers such as Cal'Mihe Arrite, the infamous smuggler and womanizer Kiryllos Darkstar, discredited doctor Torin Wintermantle, the assassin A'ziza Mah'sa, Goff's secret bastard son Taalen Tanotalos, and of course, his two concubine-queens, the twins Esterome and Saioka Brindolon. Perhaps most notorious of all of these was Myros Tyrie, the favorite of the mercenaries and Goff alike for his quick wit and easy battle-side manner.

The Coup

Not long before the battle of Yavin, the Pirates found themselves in the midst of their own civil war. Though few know exactly what happened on that fateful day (and those who do rarely speak of it), the coup itself is undeniable: Goff (who'd slowly been going mad) and Myros (rumored to be sleeping with one of Goff's queens, Saioka) were both dead. Esterome, along with Goff's estranged sister and ostensible heir Haunna Avagnere, threw their support behind none other than Saioka, who soon found herself the Bellatrix of the organization - or at least what was left of it after the coup.

Murkhaven, Lok - view from the southern butte
Murkhaven, Lok - view from the southern butte

Saioka made a deal with Haunna, who happened to be an important Alliance dignitary, to lease the Tanotalos Pirates of the Jade Moon - Jademoon for short - to the fledgling Rebellion, in return for the use of an Old Republic Dreadnought, which they named the Jade Star. The pirates settled in the swamps of Naboo, in a small outpost called Greenmurk, while they undertook various missions for their new employers, with Haunna looking on. Eventually, they attracted a bit too much attention from other underworld groups and the Empire as well. A run-in with a renegade Sith who murdered Esterome and attacked the city helped convince the group that it was time to move on.

The Qorchi Massacre

With the Jade Star and their fleet on the mend, the Tanotalos Pirates of Jademoon got a wee bit cocky. From their new base on Dantooine and their rebuilt base on the Jade Moon of Qorchi, they began raiding Black Sun and other pirate operations in nearby systems, determined to avoid any entanglements with the Empire and Alliance. But they understimated the Black Sun, who discovered their base on Qorchi, and launched a full-scale attack on the satellite, one for which Jademoon was grossly unprepared. The jungle surface of the moon was bombarded and scorched, leaving no survivors, and most of their fleet was destroyed by Xizor's fighters as well. Only a few score of pirates and ships escaped, demoralized and impoverished, and bereft of their home of almost half a century.


The refugees of Jademoon fled to Lok, where Nym - Lok's de facto ruler - agreed to protect them from Black Sun (though few are privy to the exact details of the arrangement). The pirates founded a small outpost in the eastern mesas, a desert town along a sulfuric river, which they named Murkhaven, after their old Greenmurk base. Though harried by a nearby settlement of Trandoshan slavers, Jademoon has begun to rebuild its numbers, fleet, and treasury, but it's a slow process, and they have even stooped to legitimate business - hiring traders and opening cantinas - to fund their growth.


Few traditions of the Jademoon pirates have survived intact since the founding of the organization, largely because of Goff's increasing madness. Still, Saioka insisted on retaining certain traditions and creating new ones to bind the group to her, even as they drifted from being something of a monarchy into something resembling a military hierarchy. Some of them include...

A typical recruit ceremony
A typical recruit ceremony

Goff was known as the Pirate King of Qorchi; his successor Saioka styles herself as Bellatrix, Captain, and sometimes the Pirate Queen of Qorchi. Theoretically, she rules as a tyrant, but in practice, the sort of folks attracted to the pirate lifestyle rarely sit for dictators, and have plenty to say about the running of the organization - if the ruler wishes to stay in power. Beneath the Bellatrix are four specific officers, one for each of the four factions, responsible for varying degrees of legitimate and criminal enterprise. The Marauders and Disruptors, elite soldiers and commandos all, are led by the Warlord and second-in-command of Jademoon. The Lancers and Blades tend toward diplomacy, espionage, and assassination, and are organzied by the Liaison. Most of the support staff - medics, field engineers, scouts - belong to the Inquisitor's Warders and Sentinels. Lastly, the Keeper keeps his Sunrunners and Moonskimmers occupied with various business enterprises and exploration ventures. Beneath these groups are the Agents, untested and untrusted recruits.


Most members, particularly those lowest-ranked, wear dark olive green and black clothing-and-armor uniforms when on some official duty. New recruits, on the other hand, are made to wear bright orange because, Warlord Arrite claims, it makes them better targets for the enemy. The four divisions of the guild will often bear a stripe of a specific color as well - red for the Marauders, blue for the Lancers, violet for the Warders, and golden for the Sunrunners.

Was it imaginary?
Was it imaginary?

Promotion ceremonies are a strange mixture of formality and informality. Each generally includes speeches by various officers, the recruit, and the recruit's sponsoring member as well. There is nearly always a gift-giving period, wherein each of the divisions presents the recruit with a (back-handed) favor or donation, and for the recruit to present a tribute as well. (Most of these gifts were lost during the Imperial siege on Greenmurk, sadly.) Every core member since the coup bears at least one tattoo, that of a small green crescent moon, on the palm of his or her hand, given by the Bellatrix during these promotion ceremonies. Older members - like Saioka herself - might bear other tattoos of rank from Goff's time, but as there were no ceremonies then, most were given while Goff held court. During their stay in Greenmurk, ceremonies including Dr Torin Wintermantle's rambling parables about pie became legendary.


Spacers always come up with creative slang, and Jademoon is no different. Among their favorite phrases include "warm pink fuzzies" (their code for explosives), "drying their socks" (sarcasm usually referring to mercenaries too busy to undertake missions in which they'd be used as cannon fodder), and the "Murk Lake Monster" (an imaginary monster in their lake blamed for numerous fatalities and missing bodies). The "Lake" usually refers to the lake around which Greenmurk was situated, but can also stand in for any deep abyss into which corpses can be dumped. "Snowflake" nearly always means a stormtrooper or Imperial soldier of some type. "The Murk" can mean either Old Greenmurk or Murkhaven - usually the latter nowadays.

Jademoon OOC

An evening at the All-Seeing Fish
An evening at the All-Seeing Fish

Behind the scenes, Jademoon is a more complicated beast. We have been around playing MMOs since 1997, in one form or another. SWG isn't our first, last, or only game, nor is RP our only focus, and we stress that to our recruits - we aren't looking for shallow, fly-by-night, or IC-only members, but rather for people who will stick with us into future games, no matter the focus. Consequently, we tend to stay small, and recruit OOC friends. As a group in SWG, we mix it up with RP, crafting, and space, with a lot of folks trying to catch up in PvE and PvP, and we usually have a dedicated entertainment troupe as well. Most of us look on SWG as one of the best MMOs, ever, because of the variety of play embraced - and we've played them all. This is our third run at SWG together; we originally played on Kettemoor at launch, where we founded one of the first RP cities: Greenmurk (long gone now). Our second run was just after NGE, and that was, understandably, abysmal. This, our third effort, has been much more positive, and our move to Starsider has helped enormously. We tend to have one overriding principle: story and fun are more important than draconian rules and winning. We have learned that OOC camaraderie makes for the most entertaining RP, with no hurt feelings, and thus we are cooperative, not competitive, roleplayers. Jademoon will work with just about anyone, just ask - contact any of our officers in-game:

Our website and forums are located at: http://www.jademoon.org

Notable Members

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