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Jedi in the Galaxy

Even after Order 66, many Jedi are still scattered throughout the galaxy. Because Jedi are considered enemies of the Empire, most live in hiding, or are part of the Rebel Alliance. While some Jedi are left-over from the Old Republic, others have managed to become Knights even during the Emperor's reign. Some force sensitives have only begun to realize their gifts. There are also several Dark Jedi, who seem to be more accepted by the Empire. Some even claim to be Sith. Despite being hunted, force users in every form and skill-level still exist in significant numbers.

Force Philosophies

The Force is an energy field created by all living things that binds the galaxy together. The ability to sense and control the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. The ways in which one can use the force are nearly limitless, and its purposes are mysterious. People have been trying for millenia to unlock its secrets. There are about as many philosophies about the force as there are force-users.

Some of the more prominent philosophies are as follows.

The Jedi Knights of the Old Republic

The Jedi, or "lightsiders", were once the defenders of peace and justice in the galaxy. They believe that the force should be used only for knowledge and defense. They avoid fear, anger, aggression, and hate, and encourage peacefulness, passiveness, patience, and compassion. They live their lives in the service of others.

The Jedi Code

Emotion yet peace Ignorance yet knowledge Passion yet serenity Chaos yet harmony Death yet the force

The Sith Order

The sith, or "darksiders", follow the "might makes right" rule. They believe that the weak must serve the strong, and the force is used to grow stronger. They embrace passion, hatred, and anger, and see such things as compassion, goodwill, and passiveness as weakness. They think that power can do everything for them, and so they will stop at nothing to gain it. There are only two true Sith in the galaxy, but many dark Jedi follow their philosophy.

The Sith Code

Peace is a lie, there is only passion Through passion I gain strength Though strength I gain power Through power I gain victory Through victory my chains are broken The force shall set me free

The Potentium

The Potentium's followers are similar to the Jedi Knights, except they don't believe in a dark side. Instead, they believe that the force is inherently good, although sentients may sometimes pervert it for evil. Therefore, if there is no dark side, Jedi may study the force freely. They were expelled from the Jedi Order because the council said that the force should be used in service of others, not pushed to its absolute limits.

Role-Playing a Force Sensitive Character

Force sensitive RP has its many different schools of thought, but there are some generally accepted rules that apply to all Jedi role-play.

Force Training

In order to be properly trained in the force, a Jedi would have had to have a master take them under their wing at some point, and teach them. Weather this happens in-game, or somewhere in the back-story doesn't really matter; however it seems to be more acceptable to RP it out. Now, so matter how it's done, a Jedi has to get his training from somewhere. It's bad roleplay to simply say "I'm force sensitive so that means I can force-jump, shoot lightning, and levitate thing at a master's level".

[Finding a Master]

[Masterless Jedi]

Light vs. Dark

The light vs. dark debate is sometimes a bit of a controversy, because not everyone agrees on what makes a Jedi light or dark. The most widely accepted rule is that using lightsider powers, such as force heal, scores you points with the light. By contrast, using the dark side's powers, like force lightning, makes you darker. For most, that seems to be enough to distinguish the good-guys from the bad-guys. Some Jedi believe that it has more to do with what your using the powers for than which powers you are using. Selfless acts, justified acts, etc. gain you points with the light, selfish acts, brutal acts, etc. gain you points with the dark. Many think of the dark side and it's powers like a drug; the more you use it, the more it will corrupt you.

[A list of light, dark, and neutral powers]

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Jedi Fugitives

Another fact is that Jedi are hunted, so they have to be in hiding. Public use of force-powers and lightsabers is a big no-no. The Empire is out to get Jedi because of order 66, so there would be major consistency problems if there were a bunch of Jedi out in the open. Some people tend to make an exception to this rule if they are Dark Jedi, and join the empire.

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[Checks and Balances]

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