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Kasakera Xsu Rafier is a human female who was born around the time of the Clone Wars. She was raised on the Imperial Manufacturing world of Byss in the Deep Core, where she would learn her skills as a slicer and technological mastermind. She would later move on to fight for the Alliance to Restore the Republic and suffer several traumatizing experiences at the hands of the Empire. Despite her self-defeating attitude, negativity, and bizarre behavior, she would die and be remembered as a War Hero for her actions during the Galactic Civil War and the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Kasakera Rafier
Biographical information


Date of birth

24 BBY



Date of death

Yuuhzan Vong War

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Skye, Gray, Kassy


Private Quarters, Zephyr Base, Rori

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5 Feet, 0 Inches


89 Pounds

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Currently a work in progress

"I was to young to remember exactly how it started...The Empire said the changes, the monitoring, banning, regulating, were for the Greater Good...but good isn't always the same as right. Eventually people just let go...stopped fighting, let the Empire take control of their lives. They chose a comfortable life. I chose differently..."
— A statement Kasakera made in 3 ABY while serving in Taskforce Xesh



Early Life


Kasakera's homeworld, the Imperial planet of Byss.
Kasakera's homeworld, the Imperial planet of Byss.

Kasakera was born as the only daughter of Maralen and Jacob Rafier on the Deep Core world of Byss. Even though her mother was a renowned surgeon on the planet, her father was merely a factory worker, and the family lived in less then modest conditions. Kasakera was a tom boy from the start, far more interested in things like starships, computers, and history then dolls, make up, and playing dress up. Her parents neither discouraged or encouraged her behavior, in fact, she lived a mostly neglected childhood without any real attention from her parents. When she reached her pre-teen years, her high level of intelligence was soon discovered by her teachers at a local public school. However, whether it was because they had too little money or couldn't really be bothered to care, her parents didn't send her off to a high class private school as the teacher suggested. Kasakera was left to foster her skills on her own.

Without any guidance from her parents, Kasakera was left to take her view of the galaxy on her own, without much influence. As a child, she spent much of her time gazing off into space, dreaming of exploring and adventures, of traversing to distant far away places and seeing things that no sentient had ever seen before. Despite living in the slums of a rather gang infected region of the planet, Kasakera was rather naive.

The older she got, the more she wanted to be away from her parents, she felt as if they were holding her back. Both her father and mother responded abusively, both verbally and often physically. From the time she was twelve and on, Kasakera would suffer several brutal beatings at the hands of her alcoholic father, Jacob. This didn't not crush her hopeful spirits. When she turned sixteen, the opportunity to leave the planet she had begun to hate was presented, and she took it.

Parental Relations

"The only thing I remember about my Dad is a lot of beer and fists. Pretty much the same thing about my mother, except with less beer and more fists. And instead of fists, she preferred to use a nunaball bat. I didn't exactly have the best relationship with my parents."
— Kasakera Rafier

Kasakera was a girl who always had her head in the clouds, both her parents largely disapproved of this. It's hard to tell exactly what they wanted for her. It's likely her mother expected her to go on to marry an Imperial Officer and live a quiet, rich life. It's more likely her father didn't care exactly what happened to her, he was far more neglecting of the two of her parents. Regardless, Kasakera would never have settled for the simple, boring life her parents had chosen. The older she got, the more she hated them, the more she hated them, the more abusive they were toward her, the more abusive they were toward her, the more she hated them. And thus continued the brutal cycle.

When Kasakera reached her pre-teen years her father had well descended into alcoholism and gambling, often taking his drunken anger out on his defenseless daughter. Her mother was likely to join in on the beating, especially if Kasakera had failed to do a simple chore or instruction. This abuse would continue viciously, verbally and physically, until Kasakera would run away when she was sixteen.

Jehk, Leo, and Tobias

Without her parents to rely on for companionship and support, Kasakera had to rely on people outside of her family to give her friendship. Leo was a boy who was Kasakera's age, they met in the public kindergarten and were close friends ever since. From then on, they were inseparable, spending all their time with one another. As they grew older, Leo developed a crush on Kasakera, not knowing she too was beginning to develop a crush for him. An insecure boy, and intimidated by Kasakera's confidence, Leo was often pulling dangerous stunts to try and impress her, often ending in Kasakera's reprimanding. Even though Kasakera herself was often engaging in dangerous activities as a young child.

When she was 13, Kasakera would often venture out into the slums of the city. Her favorite pastime besides studying starcharts and reading was to run, and she soon became a very avid Freerunner. Her light frame,
 Kasakera overlooking the Emperor's Ruling City on Byss as a teenager
Kasakera overlooking the Emperor's Ruling City on Byss as a teenager
weight, and flexibility making the sport perfect for her.One one of these such adventures into the city, Kasakera encountered members of a local swoop gang. Although quite frightened after hearing the stories she had heard of gangsters, Kasakera was able to act confident and snappy towards the gang members that found her. The attitude of the young girl greatly amused the swoop gangers, and they brought her to their leader, Jehk Kabesh. Jehk was a master slicer and a genius in his own way, for whatever reason, he saw potential in Kasakera. He safely let her leave the territory of the gang, and she often returned, striking up a friendship with the man. Jehk would be the one to unlock her technological potential, teaching her everything he knew about slicing. A skill that would be one of Kasakera's signature abilities when she was older.

As Kasakera moved into her teenage years, she like all others of her age, begin to enter the dating life. While it would make sense for her to choose Leo as a dating partner, and perhaps lover, Kasakera never did. The two friends never expressed their feelings for one another, both thinking the other didn't feel the same way. This is perhaps the fatal mistake that would send Kasakera on the path that her life took. The beginning of the end.

Kasakera, as many teenage girls would have been, was attracted to the dangerous, roguish attitude of a student by the name of Tobias, who was two years Kasakera's senior. As fate would have it, Tobias would find a liking for Kasakera, and when she was sixteen, he offered her everything she had dreamed of having as a girl. The opportunity to leave Byss, the opportunity to traverse the endless black of the night sky. If Tobias had been anyone else, it would have been poetic. Kasakera was convinced, she put her faith in Tobias, and with hurried goodbyes to her mentor Jehk and her best friend Tobias, Kasakera had run. She left a note in her bedroom so her parents wouldn't panic and report her missing. It took them three days to realize she was gone and find the note.

Tilam City


"I've never seen someone master the course so quickly, nor have I ever seen a young girl so intelligent and with such a thirst for knowledge! I predict she'll have a long and happy career as a teacher."
— Professor Mandrake, Kasakera's Galactic History teacher

Tobias was more talk then anything, and when it came down to it, he could never back up his words with results. Him and Kasakera ended up in a trashy apartment in the slums of Tilam City on Pendal. Tobias at first promised that they would get money and continue their adventures soon, but it became rapidly evident that his addiction to gambling and strip clubs in the Tilam City Red Light District was draining all their money. Still relatively faithful in the man she had quickly fallen in love with, Kasakera decided to get a well paying job to help support them. Having always had a love for history, Kasakera decided her thirst for knowledge would do well in the field of teaching. Using her proficiency with computers and slicing, she was able to forge her documents and degree from secondary school, as well as her edit her ID to better fit an age that was more appropriate.

She was accepted into the Tilam City University at the age of sixteen, her maturity and high intelligence ensured no one ever noticed. She achieved her Bachelors in Teaching with a Galactic History minor. She was twenty then and she used her new degree to get a job at a local secondary school, where she would teach for three years. She had patiently waited for her degree for four years, and instead of pursuing further education as her Professor suggested, she went straight into teaching, obtaining a job at a Tilam City public secondary school.

Relationship with Tobias

Tilam City, Capital of Pendal
Tilam City, Capital of Pendal

To put it bluntly, despite Kasakera's strong feelings for Tobias, as far as Tobias was concerned, Kasakera was there for sex. He was controlling and possessive, yet almost polygamous himself. It didn't take long after they settled in Tilam City for Tobias to become abusive, verbally and not soon after physically. Kasakera, who was used to this lifestyle with her parents, submitted to his authority without so much as lifting a finger in protest. Studying, cleaning, sleeping with him and making his meals while still managing to find time for sleep herself, all the while he was out gambling and sleeping with the local prostitutes, or other women met in clubs.

It was not unheard of for Tobias to bring some of these women back to the apartment he shared with Kasakera, and he often made her stay in a closet for the duration of any other woman's visit so they wouldn't be alarmed by another woman in the house. Occasionally, a mistress of Tobias would stay all night, forcing Kasakera to go without dinner and sleep in the close confines of the closet. Hypocritically enough, despite his own ethics, if Tobias so much as saw Kasakera conversing with a remotely good looking man, she was inevitably beat. These years with Tobias took their toll on Kasakera, but her spirit was not yet crushed. She found comfort in school and the stars, sneaking time whenever she could to read up on the distant, far away worlds she so desperately longed to see with her own eyes.

A serious complication entered the relationship (If it could even be called a relationship at that point) when Kasakera was eighteen years old. She had become pregnant with Tobias' child. It was born without any problems at the Tilam City General Hospital, the child was a girl. Notably, she had inherited Kasakera's exotic features, one of the traits that Tobias had found so attractive in Kasakera. Kasakera herself was thrilled with the newborn child, she had always dreamed of being a mother, and the mother of a daughter, no less. But it was not meant to be. Kasakera's daughter presented a serious problem for Tobias, both socially and financially. For whatever reason, Tobias was unwilling to kick Kasakera out on the street, it may have been that Kasakera's unwavering loyalty despite his treatment of her impressed him, it might be that he needed someone around to satisfy him when no one else could, whatever the reason, Tobias decided to keep Kasakera around, but he couldn't keep the child. Unable to support it financially and refusing to help raise the child himself, Tobias arranged for the child to be given to a wealthy Corellian couple. Despite Kasakera's serious protests to the situation, Tobias was able to convince her that it was for the child's better, and Kasakera reluctantly agreed to give the couple her unnamed daughter.

Unknown to Kasakera, Tobias was paid very well for the transaction, literally selling his girlfriend's daughter away. Perhaps in some way his conscience had gotten to him, because soon after this he proposed to Kasakera. Although they would never actually marry.

The Dawn of War

Formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic

"We, the Rebel Alliance, do therefore in the name—and by the authority—of the free beings of the Galaxy, solemnly publish and declare our intentions.To fight and oppose you and your forces, by any and all means at our disposal. To refuse any Imperial law contrary to the rights of free beings. To bring about your destruction and the destruction of the Galactic Empire. To make forever free all beings in the galaxy. To these ends, we pledge our property, our honor, and our lives."
— Passage from the Declaration of Rebellion
 The Alliance Firebird became known across the galaxy as a symbol of freedom and justice for those who opposed the Empire
The Alliance Firebird became known across the galaxy as a symbol of freedom and justice for those who opposed the Empire
Kasakera was twenty three years old when the fires of rebellion begin to spread amongst the alien and oppressed societies of the outer rim, soon basking in the passion of the middle rim worlds who had been pushed aside by the Empire's expansion into the Deep Core. With the well publicized Declaration of the Rebellion, the Alliance to Restore the Republic had been formed. It was not much, surely not enough to oppose the military juggernaut of the Galactic Empire , but it gave those unloyal to the Empire hope.

As the wave of excitement of the Rebellion rushed through Tilam City, Tobias and Kasakera were both caught up in it. Tobias, because it was an adventure like none that he had experienced before. Kasakera had similar reasons. This was her chance to see the galaxy, have some adventure, even if it meant surrendering her well loved job as a teacher. There were other reasons. The Empire reminded her of home, of her suppressed childhood. She had seen the way the Empire put it's citizens to work in massive factories, and she had experienced the intense propaganda and anti-alien policies, of which she disapproved of. Tobias and Kasakera sold most of their items and used the money to find an Alliance recruiter.

Joining mere months after the formation of the Alliance, the "training" they received was laughable at best. They were given basic concepts of military tactics from stolen Imperial military guides, and experienced primitive knowledge of small arms weaponry. They didn't get much practice as the Alliance was extremely unfunded and under-equipped, meaning everything had to be preserved. Once they had completed the joke that was the Alliance's Sector Forces Basic Training at the time, they were sent off to be garrisoned on a backwater planet called Endabah that had little tactical importance, but was a safe haven for Rebels and Rebel Sympathizers. While there, they spent more time doing childish acts of vandalism on Imperial owned buildings and passing out leaflets of information to potential supporters of the cause.

These unopposed acts of rebellion went unnoticed by the Empire for several weeks, which was common with the new Rebel forces all over the Galaxy. The Empire wasn't taking the Rebellion extremely seriously, a tactical error that would be one of the many factors in the Empire's downfall some many, many years later. Finally, in hopes of gaining enough reputation and advancing his status, the local Moff begin to crack down on the rebel cells in his territory. Imperial Stormtroopers were sent to Endabah to drive out the Rebels, and Kasakera and Tobias were thrust into their first combat action.

The experience was exciting, thrilling, and scary to Kasakera all at the same time. The Rebel forces were badly defeated, and she felt for the first time what it was like to see people that she had known for several weeks be killed suddenly, on a large scale. Tobias and her were involved in a second combat action the following evening, this firefight was even more devastating. Somewhere in the fray of blaster bolts and screams, Kasakera was separated from her squad. After the battle, she was captured by the Stormtroopers, and shipped off to a special Prisoner of War camp on another backwater rim world controlled by the Empire.

Prisoner of War

"Her screams lasted all night. When they brought her back to the cell, she was a shell, gone, wasted, there was nothing left of the cheerful woman that I had spoken to the day before."
Juskarath Nightfox, fellow POW

Kasakera was transported from the planet to another backwater called Bromines III. The planet was dotted with loose settlements, but other then that it was relatively remote. In the middle of one of its vast forests lay the Imperial Facility for Special Medical Research, the main base of operations for Doctor Camien Di'lola, an Imperial doctor who was in charge of a special series of genetic experiments. The large influx of Rebel prisoners provided plenty of potential "subjects" for his tests, of which Kasakera was to be a part of.

A droid operating on a "patient" at the Imperial Facility for Special Medical Research on Bromines III
A droid operating on a "patient" at the Imperial Facility for Special Medical Research on Bromines III

After a brief time spent in one of the facilities' holding cells, in which Kasakera befriended another POW by the name of Juskarath, Kasakera was led to the operating room. She endured several hours of operation, conscious through most of it, in which her circulatory system and nervous systems were both given untested "modifications". The surgery included operation on her brain that was originally supposed to increase her eyesight, but it failed miserably.

After being left in observation for a few days after the surgery, the Imperial doctors keeping track of her condition agreed that she was not showing the results they desired, in fact, she was beginning to hallucinate and show other symptoms of psychosis and borderline personality disorder. In light of this, Kasakera was slated for termination as a failed test subject.

During a transfer of the prisoners scheduled for termination to the holding cells on the facilities' death row, a guard's allergic reaction to an airborne pollen was enough distraction to allow Kasakera and Juskarath to overpower the Imperial doctors and handful of security guards that were escorting them. The other "patients" were beyond any mental state to comprehend the concept of escaping, and so they were left behind. Using a combination of Juskarath's skills as a fighter and Kasakera's skills as a slicer, the two were able to escape the facility and enter into the forest surrounding it.

In an effort to ensure her escape, Kasakera broke Juskarath's legs by smashing them with a large stone in a surprise move during a short break, leaving him there to be discovered by the trailing Imperials. This was the first act that Kasakera would commit that would go against her old moral code, it would not be the last. It was the first indication that she was heading for a massive personality change, an experience that would leave her mentally scarred for the rest of her life.

A local Rebel cell operating on the planet had been monitoring the facility and were able to retrieve Kasakera from the forest easily. She would soon be smuggled offworld and sent to a planet with allegiances to the Alliance and no Imperial presence. As one of the few surviving witnesses of the Empire's latest experimental medical projects, she would provide valuable information to Alliance Intelligence on the matter. She was debriefed and given a full medical examination, however, none of the psychiatrists that checked her would be able to predict just how badly her mental state would turn in the years following the incident.

It truly was a sickening turning point in her life. She was twenty four.

Death of Tobias

"Burn in hell."
— Kasakera's final words to Tobias

After Kasakera was released from medical care on an Alliance military installation, she was given medical leave until she felt she was capable of returning to active duty. She was in touch a little while after with her fiance, Tobias, and he arranged for a small apartment to be rented for them on Senjilo Prime, a former mining world that was only inhabited by washed up miners and Rebel sympathizers, and also housed an Alliance Sector Forces garrison.

Kasakera arrived on the planet two days later, she didn't tell anyone she was going to visit her fiance. She was at the apartment before Tobias came by on his weekend pass, and she made herself at home. At this point, her mental state had deteriorated rapidly due to the surgery she had unwillingly undergone. She was suffering from disjointed and abnormal thought patterns, constant hallucinations and flashbacks, paranoia, and severe bursts of temper. This sudden change of mind and personality left her feeling bewildered, frightened, and alone. She was looking forward to Tobias returning, hoping his presence would offer some consolation.

Tobias finally arrived at the apartment to discover that Kasakera had destroyed much of the bathroom in an enraged tantrum, she had also cut off a majority of her hair with a kitchen knife. His reaction resulted in a screaming match between the two, and Tobias begin to hit Kasakera in the face. Under normal circumstances, Kasakera would have merely submitted to him and would have accepted the beating as a daily part of her life, but with the extreme change in her personality and mental state, the beatings sent her into a furious rage.

Tobias and Kasakera engaged in a brief but nasty struggle, destroying the apartment, until Kasakera had backed Tobias into a corner, wielding a kitchen knife. Remorselessly, Kasakera plunged the knife into his stomach, spewing words of venom and hatred to him until his dying moment.

The intense scene helped settle some of Kasakera's conflicting thoughts and morals and eased her bewilderment. However, she ceased to be the same woman at that moment. Her personality change nearly complete and her new variety of mental illness taking their places in her abused mind. She fled the apartment, taking the murder weapon with her, and returned to active duty soon afterward, unable to find anything else she'd rather do in life. She intended to have revenge for what the Empire put her through.

Alliance Security at the time was one of the most under equipped and underfunded branches of the military. The investigation surrounding Tobias' murder only lasted a week before being declared a Cold Case . Kasakera was never suspected and the investigation has never been reopened since.

Emotional Fallout


The Empty Years

Special Forces


Loss of Innocence


The Beginning of a Problem


Fall From Grace

The Taris Incident




The Fifth Regiment


Alliance Intelligence


The Red Sabre Mercenary Alliance



Relationship With Jasani Kora


The Sabre Revolutionaries


The Talus Campaign


Taskforce Xesh


Operation Ragtag


The War Continues On

The Rose Society and Zephyr Base


The Naboo Crisis and Chommell Minor


Jasani's Disappearance and a New Mission


Madrid Harbor


Diana Canmore, Lanko Apo, and Jasani's Return


A New Hope



To Be Continued

Random Facts


Medical and Mental Health

Physical Health


Mental Health


Equipment and Gear


Personality and Traits





Sexuality and Love Life





Greatest Perceived and Actual Strength: The ability to freerun: Ability to function despite mental conditions.

Greatest Perceived and Actual Weakness: Poor abilities as a soldier: Lack of self-esteem and confidence.

Most Important Physical Possessions: Visor, stuffed bantha doll named 'Jehk', her wedding ring.

Greatest Phobia: Losing her loved ones, specifically Jasani and Lianya Rafier.

Quirks, Habits (Little things they do):

  • Cracks her knuckles
  • Talks to herself

Pet Peeves (What pisses him/her off the quickest): Not respecting her, disregard for authority, insulting or threatening her loved ones, not understanding what she's saying immediately.

Favorite Color: Purple

Song/Saying/Quote that you think describes your character best: Insanity is as much of a gift as it is a curse.

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