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The Starsider Wiki is a collaborative effort to create an open resource of information chronicling the people, places, and events of the unofficial Roleplaying Server of Star Wars Galaxies. As well as the In-Universe makeup and happenings of the Starsider RP Galaxy, the Wiki also seeks to explain and explore the main ideas and terms used by Roleplayers on Starsider.
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On behalf of everybody in the Starsider Galaxy community, we hope you enjoy reading and contributing to the Wiki, and the vast span of player-created content and lore that it represents!

— the team
Featured Article
Darth Vader first rose to prominence during the final days of the Clone Wars when he single-handedly defeated the treasonous Jedi Order and thereby played an instrumental role in the formation of the first Galactic Empire, piercing the heart of the corruption infesting the bureaucracy of the Republic. Many on Coruscant testify that the fires had barely cooled at the crucible of the smoking Jedi Temple before they started to hear the name of the hero that had risen to defend them. In destroying these enemies of the state, Darth Vader had prevented the possibility of civil war, which would have only deepened the darkness the galaxy had been subjected to over the course of the conflict with the droid armies of the Confederacy. ... (more)
Image:Relicfragments.JPG Relic Fragments Reveal...
  • …that Bain Drago enlisted with the Empire at 16, lying about his age.
  • …that it's suspected that Athmis Thewix enlisted with the Alliance Navy thanks to the influences of Kasakera Rafier and Tamar' Darkmist.
  • …that Cyrinity Lee's ship has found itself docked at Nova Orion Station for repairs after damage incurred during an escort mission for the Intergalactic Mining Company.
  • …that Nyx-Warda Sacora's childhood was spent in hiding. The girl had no knowledge of her biological family.
  • …that Vennesa Lemuri's bond with animals and the nature of the rapport that was formed was demonstrated by them moving to music like her.
  • …that while defending an old man being beaten by thugs in Theed, Corenth Shendo discovered his force sensitivity when they turned on him and he retaliated.

Reconstruct these fragments?

News & Updates
Headin' into the detention center isn't exactly what I had in mind...

At the time of writing, SWG fans need to ensure they have accounts that will be active beyond the Sept 15 cutoff if they want to be a part of the final months of this fantastic game. Check your subscription now!! Not only will the game be ending in an epic battle between rebel and imperial forces, but atmospheric flight will be introduced for the final months.

Meanwhile, as a collective of storytellers, writers, and roleplayers we have brought these many pages to life. Speaking for myself and those I've talked to about it, it's hard to revisit this site with the realization that everything we gave so much dedicated time to is coming to a close. Our goal was not numbers when it comes to articles but rather quality and imagination, so despite our grief we need to give ourselves a pat on the back because as the shroud of the dark side begins to fall, we end our journey with close to 1500 articles of quality reading for many to enjoy. It's work that deserves to be preserved, if only to tell, in part, the story of the world we all entered into and loved. Please head here to The Galaxies Holocron to transfer your work or contribute further to the documentation of the SWG universe, especially now that we have reason to try and preserve what we can. The new wiki is a work in progress and will be opened up to more than just those on the Starsider server, but will hopefully preserve our works beyond the life of this current site. It is in your hands.

Staff 12:26, 15 September 2011 (AEST)

As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror...

The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen, friends.

On the sombre 8th anniversary of the game it was announced Star Wars Galaxies service will come to an end on December 15th, 2011. At this stage I would ask all contributors to the wiki to get involved in the discussion about the future of this impressive roleplaying resource that you've all been contributing too.

There is an Official Save Star Wars Galaxies Facebook page you might also want to join, a thread on the LucasArts forums you can read and contribute too, and a online petition to save Star Wars Galaxies from a blast from the Death Star of corporate interest has also been set up. I would urge all those that can to show their support for this attempt to preserve one of the most unique soapbox MMORPGs that has ever existed. There will truly never be a game like SWG - let's do what we can to ensure that it endures, or at least goes out with the sort of fight that the more peaceable people of Alderaan never got to make.

Staff 02:07, 29 June 2011 (AEST)

I saw...I saw a city in the clouds

As the Starsider wiki grows and evolves many of the characters taking part in our collective story are detailed in these pages. To help us find each other easier and enforce the fact that we're all part of the same story it's important to set the common stage. In SWG, one of the most significant environments for us all aside from the planets we visit are the various cities found across the galaxy. Currently, there are a few major capitals that are looking for players to detail them:


If you're looking to help Starsider and put something together for one of the above, then please indicate as much either by starting it off with a basic infobox or initiate a discussion to let others know that you're working on it, so that they can direct their attention to another (as shown here with Tyrena). Remember, Starsider wiki pages work best when they tell a story based on in-game details. Take the basics of the canon and enrich it with the details found in Star Wars Galaxies!

Staff 08:53, 10 November 2010 (AEST)

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