Nyx-Warda Sacora

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Nyx-Warda Secura Sacora Turncoat
Biographical information

Take your pick

Date of birth

Unknown. Sometime during The Battle of Corulaire



Date of death

Not yet.

Physical description





Nyx-Warda Sacora, Meris Aree, Nyx, Firefly, Night Guardian, Rain, "Lost One"


Azure Sanctuary, Dantooine

Marital Status

Married to Lawrence Turncoat




around 130lbs

Hair color

Reddish eyebrows

Eye color

Cool green, streaked and cracked with yellow




White Thunder, The Ceterus Knights of White Thunder

Player Association


Primary Profession

Vigilante, Con-woman, Teacher, Student


At a Glance...

"I've been playing pazaak with my life for a looong time. I figured I could count the cards pretty well... but it seems the galaxy had an ace up its sleeve."
— Nyx-Warda Turncoat

Nyx-Warda was a damn fool idealist in a naive young woman's body. She was a quick, pretty, young thing with ambition in her heart, and questions in her head. She let the galaxy snap her up, chew her good, and spit her out, and now we have... this.

This blind, hobbled, backworld-talking old twi'lek has become a shadow of her former self. Lurking in the corners of the galaxy, and creeping through it below notice, she uses her position to work invisibly. She's made it her mission to destroy as many of the galaxy's oppressors as she can. Often she does so literally, playing the vigilante, and striking at the scum of the galaxy wherever she can get the advantage. Just as often, she does so figuratively, by collecting and perserving knowledge that has been forbidden to the masses.

She doesn't hesitate to use whatever means she deems necessary to serve this greater good, including breaking whatever rules she has to. Precious few things are beneath her, as she has no qualms about being as sneaky, underhanded, or violent as she needs to be. Where she once denied there was any darkness about her tactics, she not only seems to aknowledge such now, but also to have resigned herself to it.

This Highly-Dysfunctional Quasi-Family...

"She tends to attract some very stubborn and loyal friends..."
— Caelorn Jaxx

Nyx-Warda's childhood was spent in hiding. The girl had no knowledge of her biological family, except some undefined relation to the Secura clan. In her youth, she generally accepted this, instead gathering a small adoptive family- namely her brother Zan Ragnar, and her caregiver and mother-figure Arden Corra.

When she left the sheltered life of the complex, she was immediately captured by the Empire. While she was eventually broken out, she ended up lost in the galaxy, and far too trusting of anyone who would show her kindness. This outlook set her up for a long line of tough lessons through loss, disillusionment, abandonment, and betrayal. Broken trust after broken trust, Nyx-Warda's heart was hardened, and her cynicism came to be a defining trait. She became a loner, closing herself off from anyone and focusing tightly on her works in White Thunder and The Ceterus.

These works led her to many friends and allies, but only those few who would prove their loyalty time and again ended up earning her personal trust. She even learned to love, marrying Lawrence Turncoat, and raising their twins Ashla and Lawrence II. Nyx-Warda has also, scince, discovered several ties to her past. One of which was her sister, who was one of the many friends who disappeared without a trace in the early days of her travels. Later, she would discover that this woman was only her half-sister, and that her birth-mother had married into a noble Corellian family. This revealed that one of her best friends was actually her step-cousin. As new connections formed, and old ones were discovered, Nyx-Warda was left far from alone in the galaxy. Still, in the back of her mind, the old fear still lingered of the "bad luck" she has a history of bringing to those who care for her.

The Greater Good

"A lesser woman would take advantage of this situation.... Oh wait. I am a lesser woman."
— Nyx-Warda Turncoat's inner-monologue
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