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Vennesa Lemuri
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Rebels, Imperials, Theed Queen, RSF



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Beast Master

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"If you cry, I will cry. If you laugh, I will laugh. If you jump out of a window... I will laugh again."


Biography Part One

Younger Days

Vennesa was born into nobility on the planet of Naboo. Even with this bloodline, she wasn't asked to come live in the Theed palace though she visited often. She grew up as a more wealthy child, living in a
mansion just outside of Theed. The house bordered a lake, perfect for her energetic needs for entertainment. Growing up with other noble girls that were a bit more of a girly nature, she learned manners very quickly. This also influenced Vennesa to let her hair grow long and pretty like the other girls. Younger days were spent running around with her beloved pets. Since a young age, Vennesa has been very fond of animals. At 2 years old her father let her take training lessons to be a Creature Handler. Her skill soared in the expertise and animals flocked to her, even wild creatures. Aside from a talent with animals, Vennesa often spent her time by the radio, listening to music, dancing, and even singing along with songs many times. She grew up as an overall very artistic girl. From drawing to singing, she could do it all. Her father worked in the Theed palace which allowed her wandering privileges. Often, Vennesa's father was invited to have meals with the queen in which she was able to join her father. It was in this palace she met her first love, Jake.

She was 5 years old at the time and was going to the palace with her father like usual. Vennesa trailed behind, quiet while her father spoke to the queen. "How is the security of Theed doing? Have you had any problems?" the queen inquired. "No, Your Majesty, the RSF has had things under control. Crime levels are at a low level, even in the time of war." "Hearing that makes me very happy. Come, dinner is waiting, along with another one of my newer officers I'd like you to meet" Vennesa watched the two adults as they spoke with interest. "A new officer, Your Majesty?" she nodded, "Yes, he is from Corellia and came very high-recommended. I could not turn down such an offer in this war." they went up another flight of stairs in the palace and turned a corner. There it was, the grand dining area. And grand it was. Vennesa's father walked with the queen over to an unfamiliar man. "This is General Vox. General Vox, this is General Lemuri" the queen introduced the two men. They shook hands briefly. Vennesa took a seat next to her father as everyone sat down for dinner. "Perhaps the children can become acquainted after dinner while we discuss the war." the queen said. Vennesa blinked and looked around the table. She only then realized there was another child at the table. Short dark brown hair and blue eyes much lighter than hers. They made brief eye contact before looking away and back to dinner. The rest of dinner was none more eventful than the past. The only difference was a bit more noise from the additional adult. By the time they finished it was quite dark out but her father stayed to do business with the queen and the other general. Vennesa walked out to the lower-level balcony like normal and sat on the bench under the gazebo. "Hey" someone called. Vennesa jumped a bit when the silence was so suddenly broken. Turning over her shoulder, she saw the boy from the dinner table. "Hey" she said back simply. He went around the bench to her side and looked at the seat. "May I?" she nodded slowly. She didn't ever hang out with boy children. He sat down and looked off the balcony, "I'm Jacobise Goldenlight. What's your name?" he asked. "Vennesa Lemuri" she smiled faintly. That was the spark for a long-term relationship. Even though after that night they were apart for a while, a small connection had been made.

A strong love of animals had finally paid off when she received her first pet. A red Gurrcat which she named Dasher. Dasher was only the first of many pets she started to tame from the wild. Her creature handler skills were really starting to pay off after all. Vennesa before long had tackled taming fearsome beasts like a Kimogila, a Rancor, and a Giant Veermok. Of course with her artistic nature, each started to pick up on her personality for dancing and singing. Each learned little tricks or dances as she would call them. The animals would move to the music like her. It was comical in a way but proved what kind of bond she could form with animals and how easily she did it.

Imperial Interest

By the age of 6, Vennesa had nearly mastered a couple forms of art. Creature Handling was near the top of that list, having all sorts of creatures on hand now. Her father had so kindly made a place to keep her pets. She favored no breed or type in particular. If anything, she went after breeds people feared or resented to show they could be lovable creatures if brought up correctly. On the entertainment side, she had grown to be quite the dancer, having an angelic voice as an added bonus. However one particular morning Vennesa decided to take her Dewback, Sunshine out for a run in the early fields. The dew was still clinging to the blades of grass on every plant. The bright sun mostly hidden by purple clouds peeked through whenever it could. The small rays of light struck the dew and made the field looking like a sea of diamonds. Vennesa giggled quietly to herself. Once in the center of the lush filed, she slid off her mount and breathed in the cool air. Sunshine started licking the water from the grass. A small cry in the distance caught her attention. It was closer to a sort of screech but turned to look nonetheless. A young Blistmok came running across the field. This was a bit puzzling to her as they were not native to the planet. Vennesa extended her arms, getting the creature to stop. Her hand slowly reached out and pet the reptile. It allowed her to coo its frantic behavior into a calm state. "What are you doing here, Little Guy? Blistmoks are from Mustafar..." she said aloud. The group sat there for a while, just her petting the Blistmok.

Only after a short time now she was sitting on the ground and the Blistmok's head was in her lap, drifting off to sleep. Its head suddenly jerked up, looking towards the hills. "What is it?" Vennesa asked, looking and seeing nothing. Not a second later there was the faint sounds of footsteps and panting. A Stormtrooper ran to the top of the hill, pausing as they reached the top. The trooper leaned over, grabbing their knees to catch their breath. Sunshine grunted from his spot, catching the attention of the Stormtrooper. Soon after, another Stormtrooper came up the hill, whacking the first over the head and nearly knocking them over. The resounding sound was a very loud clack from the hard armor. "It's your damn fault we're out here. Now hurry up and find it!" he growled. The first Stormtrooper rubbed his helmet. "Look, it's there." he replied, pointing towards Vennesa. The troopers looked in unison. The assertive one came down the hill, rifle pointed to the ground though grip cautioned because of the beast. "What's this here? A Creature Handler, are you?" he asked. Vennesa stared blankly. The Blistmok bolted up and growled at the Stormtrooper. The first came up and shoved a thick sack over the beast, tying it quickly after. Vennesa cried out at her little friend being snatched up so suddenly. "Don't do that! You'll hurt it!" she yelled. One of the Stormtroopers merely laughed, "That THING is more trouble than its worth right now. I don't know why the general wants to have these beasts so much. We do all the work. But you..." he trailed off. The other trooper looked at him, "We could use a beast master. No one knows what the bloody-hell they're doing anyways. The general hasn't hired any decent recruits yet or bought any." he snorted. The Stormtrooper lifted his gun to Vennesa, "Alright, you're going to take a trip to base with us. Scream or run and I'll shoot you, got it?" he said as if he were speaking to an animal. She stiffened but nodded. It wasn't like she wanted to die at 6 years old. "Here, tie that dumb reptile to the mount and take it too" he instructed his partner. Sunshine was rounded up and they were led off across the plains, back up the hill. Vennesa just stared at the ground as they walked, trying to figure out what would happen.

Time passed in a quick manner. Vennesa had lost track of time, there was just endless walking or so it seemed. After what seemed like an eternity, a base came into view in the distance. Only the small top stuck out, obviously being an underground base. "Finally. You owe me a drink." one trooper said to the other. "Do not!" "I have the bigger gun. I decide what gos" the Stormtrooper offered a laugh in response. They dragged Vennesa inside the base, deep beneath the ground. The inside of the base was lit by bright lights that glowed against the steel interior. Long, narrow hallways filled the base, each splitting off into a series of rooms. At a certain point the other storm trooper moved in another direction, taking Sunshine and the Blistmok with him. She however was led off to a different area. They Stormtrooper took her into a large room where guards stood at their post, techs sat at their computer consoles, and a man stood with his back to Vennesa. "General Crowe, we found the Blistmok that escaped" the trooper announced proudly. The general turned and looked at him. He wore a cap to cover his black hair and had pale blue eyes. A goatee topped off his chiseled face along with a formal uniform.

"That's good news. And what is...this?" he asked, looking down at Vennesa. "A young Creature Handler. Found her in the fields with the Blistmok. I think she could come in handy with the beasts, Sir." the trooper explained. The general nodded and brought a hand to his chin, looking her up and down like someone would examine a farm animal before purchasing it. "Hmm, tell me little lady, would you be an imperial or a rebel?" he asked, leaning down slightly with his hands behind his back to hear her answer. Vennesa thought quietly for a moment back to her father. The RSF was a sort of neutral force, it took the side of whatever was ruling. However, people inside still had fixed preferences about either side. Her father she recalled, preferred Rebels. "Rebel" she answered confidently. "I see" Crowe said quietly, straightening himself out. "A slave it is then. Take her down to the slave chambers where she can be 'trained'" he said, waving the Stormtrooper away. The trooper nudged Vennesa with his gun and led her away as he was commanded.

That was just the beginning of Vennesa's new life. She never saw her parents since the capture and wouldn't for a time to come. She would never have guessed she would end up in that sort of situation by just sitting in a field with a Blistmok.

Doing the Jobs

During her early time in the imperial base, her jobs were made very clear. They did certain tests to determine skill area as well as training new ones in the mean time. She was used mostly in the
area of Creature Handling since she showed a lot of talent with beasts. With a lack of Beast Masters for use, they put her to work most often in the beginning. However as she became more accustomed to her work, she slowly started to convert into an imperial. In such, she was given an Imperial insignia tattoo on the back left side of her hip. In time she was no longer a slave but worked with Imperials as allies, being treated equal, getting paid, and everything else that a normal person would be granted. Her first jobs were to train beasts. Beasts were commonly used in the lines of work for Imperials. They were very handy to use in combat. Large beasts like Rancors let Imperials plow through entire hordes of men at a time. Other uses were to break down force fields. Large beasts also had such strength as to bring down these fields. It was a slow process sometimes but they usually never failed to bring down a barrier. Of course since the occasional Jedi came along and slayed a beast for the rebels, Vennesa was very popular. She would easily pluck another beast from the wild and train it to do Imperial bidding. She was also handy when others lost control of one. Vennesa always had a way with beasts, soothing them to a calm state once more.

Her taste for music and dancing started to expose itself and even helped in her combat classes. Her teachers explained to her that fighting was a form of dance. That she would excel in fighting because of her talent in dance. Vennesa's looks also started to affect her job. As a good entertainer and fighter with good looks, the imperials deemed her a perfect assassin. She wasn't very old yet, only 8 but was still growing quite pretty. Even so she was young which only added to the innocent look.

Such became her job. To woo men targets in particular and kill them when they were least expecting it. This was a rather easy task. Her talent for singing and dancing often made her target sleepy or just plain relaxed. They often were in awe to see such a cute little girl dancing and singing about. Who would expect such a soothing performance to turn to something bad? As targets began to feel more relaxed, she could offer them poisoned drinks, or anything of the sort without suspicion. Even Jedi which were primarily her targets in her jobs- were easy to 'take care of'. Of course, since she was corrupted at such a young age, she didn't feel remorse for what she was doing. The Imperials filled her head with the idea that everything that was being done was right. She was ridding the galaxy of a terrible vermin. And with a being a child (a brain like a sponge) she believed whatever they said.

Meeting Her Love

During her time at the Imperial base, she met a familiar face. The base had also been a training ground for Dark Jedi. Not the average place anyone would think to find an old Rebel friend. Or, at least someone that was *thought* to be a Rebel.

It was an early morning in the Imperial base. 2 years had passed now since she first arrived on the base. By now she herself was Imperial and was quite content with her choice. This particular morning she couldn't sleep that well so she decided to take a little walk around the base. She rounded the corner and glanced into the command room. It was one of those instances where you pass something up and then slowly back up to look again more closely. Against all odds, Crowe was talking to someone she knew from the past. Vox was standing there talking nonchalantly. By this point, she figured he just converted to the 'right side' at last. What Vennesa *didn't* knew was that he'd been Imperial all along. Vennesa continued walking, thinking about what she had just seen. And for once, she paused again, at the entrance to the lower level. Overcome by new-found curiosity, she went down the ramp. A voice echoed through the halls, only 1 person speaking. She followed the noise towards the source.

"Peace is a lie; there is only passion. Through passion I gain strength, through strength I gain power, through power I gain victory, through victory my chains are broken. The force shall set me free." a voice spoke, the words clear now. She squinted curiously to herself at the words. Suddenly the talking stopped and seconds later, children poured from the room ahead. She ducked around a corner and waited for everyone to pass. When she was sure no one was left, Vennesa ventured back towards the room. As she turned to look inside, she clunked heads with someone. Her eyes squished shut and she rubbed her head. One eye opened to see the second familiar face that morning. Vennesa's other eye opened, "Jake?" she asked. He looked at her strangely, as if to question why she was there. "Are you an Imperial now too?" she asked. Jake seemed to come to attention again, "Yeah, so that's what happened to you... everyone was rambling about you going missing" he noted. "What are you doing here?" "Well," she paused. "I was kidnapped at first, but now I live here. If you're here too now, we can hang out again, right?" she asked, smiling. Jake looked back over his shoulder as to see if someone was looking, "Yeah, sure" he said, turning back to her. He seemed quite willing to comply with the request, showing favor for her. And she would soon find, this feeling was quite mutual.

Before long, the two children were the best of friends. They connected in nearly every way. She learned even Dark Jedi had a taste for art and music like she did. The children had declared an engagement even at young age, saying they'd get married when they were older. Growing up together, Jake grew very protective over Vennesa too. Any attention off the job from other males was 'dealt with' swiftly. He spoiled her in a way, always trying his best to make her happy and give her wondrous gifts. Sometimes he didn't seem so much like a Dark Jedi, when he was with Vennesa. Jake would show his talent for art when they were alone and some of his gifts were just too nice to think the dark side was there. Her favorite time was the Festival of Love. There was no more perfect mood than that when they were together. Vennesa never held anyone so dear to her heart as she had with him.

In a lonely life, she simply called him her "Saving Grace"

Your Silence Leaves Me Broken

Vennesa and Jake had been together for 5 years now. They were both 13. Vennesa had become quite the assassin. Over the years, she had downed a large amount of Jedi. Jake had become quite something himself, becoming incredibly skilled with a saber and with his force powers. Often, he too was able to take down Jedi. On the other hand, that changed quickly. It was at a point where Vennesa started to grow a bit bored with her Imperial life. On another note, she started to feel a pang of moral remorse over all the deaths she caused. As an older girl, Vennesa was able to tell exactly what the dark side was and that it certainly seem like the 'right' side as far as morals went. She had even started considering leaving.

It was one of those slow, boring days at base. A bunch of Imperial workers were at the conference table like Vennesa. They were chattering since Crowe had gone and left the room for a minute. Vennesa's fingers tapped quietly on the table, letting her mind wander openly. She was hoping for some whispers from Jake like normal. But today, he seemed rather quiet. Someone new entered the room behind Crowe. Crowe looked to the man, "This is the newest member to this sector, add him to the sign-in list." he instructed one of the idle Imperials at the conference table. The man faced the table, "Hello, I'm Chris" one of the girls suddenly blurted to the recorder, "That's C-h-r-i-s" she spelt his name out. The Imperial grumbled at the comment and his buddy looked at the girl, "That wasn't necessary at all." someone else turned and faced the recorder's buddy, "Man, shut up. She can spell it if she want's to." before long everyone was joining in the pointless argument. Well, everyone aside from Vennesa who kept looking down at the table as she kept tapping her fingers. "There’s different ways to spell Chris. Like K-r-i-s" "That’s for a girl, idiot." they continued. Crowe just sat in his spot at the end of the table. Vennesa finally looked up and around at everyone. She took on a fake teary voice and spoke, "The love in this room is so strong, I just had to say something!" she said sarcastically. Everyone quieted down and even some chuckled. Crowe cleared his throat, getting everyone's attention to continue on with the meeting.

Later when Vennesa was alone with the beasts at the stables, she opened her mind again. And again there was nothing. No voices, no assurance. She sighed softly and patted Sunshine on the shoulder. Something suddenly clicked in her mind. It was about time to leave the Imperials. What better time? There was no one around to stop her, and she'd thought of it for a while. Vennesa quietly saddled Sunshine and climbed onto him. The Dewback grunted quietly but followed her orders. She led him from the stables and rode away across the field of Naboo. This way was much quicker than walking like she had so many years ago. As such, it didn't take very long to reach the outskirts of Theed. She entered the city and rented a room at the inn.

She stayed there in Theed for a long time. She didn't know how long she'd been there anymore. Time stopped mattering. It was after a week that she started to become like this. Frantic because her love was nowhere to be found, and never speaking whispers anymore. After 1 month she would keep on target diligently. After 1 year, she would lose faith. That she did. Vennesa fell into a depression though forced herself to keep it locked up. She hated involving others in her own problems. She tried to distract herself with life.

Biography Part Two

Picking Up a New Career

As more time passed since her love's silence, Vennesa didn't know what to do. She'd left the military, signed on with the rebels- but her life was blank. Entertaining hardly came to mind as she thought of what to do with her life.
It wasn't until Vennesa started hanging out in the Cantinas again did she take interest in her old art hobbies. She became a dancer and sometimes even a singer. Vennesa had a talent for instrument but preferred dancing all around. Specifically Exotic dancing. It didn't take long for her to get a bit of fame in the Cantina. Men were always finding her in their soft spots. It wasn't very surprising as half the people in the Cantina are drunk and there to watch dancers in the first place. Even at a young age, she was commonly watched and gained attention. The Cantina owners didn't seem to mind hiring her either since it only meant more money in their pockets anyways. Vennesa never was concerned about being revealed she was under age for work. "Most of these 'bar tenders' are smugglers themselves. I see the smugglers walk in the back nonchalantly and come back out with a crate of what obviously is spice!" she would explain when asked.

Vennesa was still partial to Naboo. So inspired her outfits. They usually consisted of gentle, pastel colors in soft materials like silk. The Naboo Theed Theater gained interest in her. They too didn't care for her being young but loved her talent. Offering a better paying job, Vennesa started to entertain in the theater. Of course she had to go through an audition to entertain formally. That went by easy too. She was feeling a bit uppity though she knew she would pass. 3 Judges up front and a crowd of bystanders to watch her audition. The auditorium went silent and the lights were directed to the stage. Vennesa entered stage left. Only her silent foot pads were heard echoing through the theater. After what seemed liked forever the music started and she began to dance. That was a memorable experience for her again since her start of depression after her fiance disappeared form her world.

The theater offered her a full time job as a stage entertainer. While fame was tempting, she turned it down. She still had desire to dwell on her past. To think over her life. That was nearly impossible for full time workers on the stage. Always being told what to do and what to wear. It was too much of a pain for her. If she wanted that, she would've gone back to live with her parents.

Instead, Vennesa started to work with animals again. Animals had always been one of her passions. She opened her own little zoo. Since she was so set on being apathetic towards people, what better life than working with animals? No human interaction, only simple care for her "furry friends". While being careless to people, Vennesa did loosen up a bit. She flirted, drank a bit, still danced, and socialized. No real attachments were made. Not to many people anyway. She started to carry her animal business everywhere- in her pets. Particularly her Kimo which never left her side. He acts as a bit of a hard-case around others, but she started to like it. It kept most people away from her. A simple zoo turned into more as she also became a breeder and fitted armor on certain beasts. Of course, since she was working with rough animals, she couldn't have her long flowing hair in the way. "I did like my hair a lot... but the last thing I wanted was one of the Bordoks reaching out from its cage and grabbing my hair..." she quoted after getting a shoulder-length cut. She kept working with animals and still is today.


Vennesa has had varying personality over the years. Originally she was a very sweet and social girl which turned more bitter, and eventually becoming sweet once more. She's had a bit of a pattern over the years. After becoming a Rebel again and taking up her more favorable hobbies, she became nicer. Overall, she really is a sweet girl that like to help others when they need it. Often she will help without thought of reward in return. Just a natural inclination. Vennesa has a very sensitive spirit of mind which is easily harmed. Even so, she does not often show it and will go on like nothing is wrong. Vennesa hates involving others in her personal problems. When her unsettled mind slips into emotion sometimes, she will get awkward and dance around questions thrown at her about it. (No pun intended) When something gos wrong, Vennesa learned to turn to drinking to ease the pain. The method has always worked for her and she hasn't quit. Thankfully this habit has never led to her getting drunk. Vennesa doesn't like to be pushed around and is quite feisty about defending herself and others. She has a protective nature, easily being angered by anyone picking on the ones she cares for. She has a real soft spot for art. Vennesa will often find herself an infatuated fangirl to any good male singer- especially if they can play an instrument too.

Art is a major part to Vennesa's personality. Aside from the creepy fangirl act that a lot of girls manage to pull off, it holds an internal meaning. Art is a way to express yourself and thus was very important to her. As a young girl, her voice often wasn't heard by others. In such she was forced to express herself in other means before she went mad. Art was the perfect way for her. "People often dont think about what they are drawing when they doodle some random picture. They let their thoughts wander trying to create something and they indeed get something. What you draw is often how you feel, even if you dont realize it at the time. If you find yourself doodling things like tears and rain for instance, you are probably sad. Art it a self expression even unconsciously." Vennesa quotes.

Even as a social girl, Vennesa on the contrary is very shy. When meeting new people she will often feel awkward and try to stay quiet. She will stay far back from the group like a ghost, just silently observing everyone as the group converses. Often she will go unnoticed and sometimes leave. The group of people talking usually doesn't noticed her leave until a while has passed. Of course, after this happening many times, she has come to expect it. Even so, this affects her delicate personality even though she plasters a happy smile like nothing is wrong. "Hey, why'd you leave?" Vennesa would offer a shrug and smile to her familiar friend that is asking. And after, that friend would go back to talking with the group, leaving her to be alone once more. This continuing pattern in her life has made Vennesa have bad dispositions towards meeting new people- especially when she's in groups. Because she knows she'll soon become the outsider.

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